5 Benefits Of Pursuing A Career In The Video Game Industry

Career In Video Game Industry

The video game industry is a gigantic one, and there are claims saying it’s going to grow several times faster than the US economy. In this sense, many teenagers and adults are trying to land jobs in the industry.

Being A Video Game Professional

You can be a part of the gaming world. To help you make up your mind, below are the benefits of pursuing a career in the video game industry:

1. Several Careers To Pursue

The video game industry offers you a number of worthwhile career paths. These include:

  • Game Developers: Their main job is to undertake the actual creation of a video game from scratch.
  • Programmers: These are involved with the creation of video game-related computer programs using coding languages.
  • Designers: These come up with the game concept, traits of the game characters, and game backdrops.
  • Artists: These draw the different characters and differentiate them using easily discernible physical features.
  • Animators: These make the created characters move.
  • Testers: These play the finished games to detect any bugs before being officially released to the public.
  • Professional Gamers: These people are involved in competitive gaming tournaments for monetary purposes.

Having such a variety of choices is good since you can specialize in what you like the most and focus on becoming the best in that sector. At the same time, these fields would only continue to grow as technology develops, making every expertise indispensable.

2. Simply Enjoyable

Chances are high that you played video games many times already as a pastime. Now, imagine doing the same for a living. You’d agree that it won’t feel as strenuous as the average nine to five job. By pursuing a career in the video game industry, your workdays will be filled with amusement. Video games are well known for the thrill that keeps your heart happily racing from start to finish.

Furthermore, you have the option of engaging in tournaments. This won’t only add to your enjoyment but you can also win cash if you’re good at your craft.

3. Great Work-From-Home Opportunity

In this age, telecommuting is necessary for the success of any business. Employers embrace telecommuting for reasons such as:

  • Travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The need to cut operating costs like rent and electricity bills
  • The need to save employees’ time, which would have otherwise been spent in traveling.
  • The need to retain employees even after shifting areas of residences

Also, working from home is advantageous in the following ways:

  • You save the money you’ve otherwise used for fueling your car
  • You save time which you’d have spent traveling to and from your workplace
  • You get more productive by working remotely, especially if the social aspect of your workplace distracts you significantly
  • Your schedule becomes quite flexible since, in most cases, you’re not limited to working within a particular time block
  • You’re able to attend to other important life responsibilities like being with your kids and spouse without compromising your work

For most of the career paths highlighted above, you can work fully from home since most of your tasks are done on the computer. This would ensure you the utmost comfort while doing an entertaining endeavor.

4. High Earning

If you’re involved in the development of a game that overwhelmingly captivates the attention of the public, you can earn millions of dollars within a short period. That’s possible because video games are digital products being patronized and sold worldwide.

Also, if you’re a professional gamer and you amass a plethora of online followers on various social media platforms, you can earn big from ad revenues, fan donations, and company sponsorships. 

5. Exponential Growth Potential

The video game industry is part of the esports industry, which has experienced massive growth over the last decade. Every year, the number of viewers as well as gamers is increasing by tens and hundreds of millions. And this momentum isn’t predicted to die out anytime soon. 

As more people across the world get a stable internet connection and gaming devices, the number of esports fans would correspondingly increase. Therefore, you can rest assured your job in the industry won’t be rendered redundant, and it spells a stable and long-term income.

To Conclude

Working in the video game industry is beneficial to you in more ways than one. You can make good money while doing what you enjoy. Just make sure to give it your best shot. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you pursue a career in the video game realm.

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