What does mean by Cloud Web Hosting? Importance, Benefits of Cloud Hosting and Best Cloud Hosting Providers

Cloud Web Hosting

The term Cloud Web Hosting means that a user can host his websites on a broad network instead of a limited traditional network. Cloud hosting breaks the limit and provides you connection on a vast scale. Simply, if you have a great amount of data and you can’t store it on your own personalized platform you can use cloud hosting. Cloud hosting offers the service of seasonal requirements. It means if you need more storage at a particular time you can store your data and if you do not need much storage, you can use less storage. The user has to pay for only the storage he uses.

Cloud Web Hosting differs from traditional hosting where you were forced to pay a fixed amount, whether you use less data or not. Due to its massive network if one of the servers runs down the other server picks up your data and does not let your network crash. Your users won’t affect by this crash because they do not get informed. And if you suddenly get more visitors on site then you not need to worry, the cloud network automatically adjusts the system.

Importance of Cloud Web Hosting

We have understood the meaning of cloud web hosting. Now, we are moving towards its benefits to its users. Mainly, it compensates for the drawbacks of traditional hosting. Cloud is considered as a broad network so that users do not face storage problems. It is also considered reliable more than traditional hosting. Let’s discuss the major importance and benefits of Cloud Web Hosting.


Cloud Hosting is far reliable than traditional hosting. Its massive networks provide better services and do not let its user down. You can understand this term by an example that if you work on a limited platform you can face obstacles. Whenever the system breaks down you may lose connection but if you work on a vast network you switch to another interconnected platform. Cloud hosting covers a lot of networks so whenever one machine doesn’t work you can switch to another one. Every blogger wants to use Cloud Web Hosting to get a better speed and Best response by the server.


Traditional Hosting offers limited machines, on the other hand, cloud hosting covers many bandwidths. If you use traditional hosting you may experience the drawbacks of facing demands that change due to season. But in Cloud hosting, there is nothing. A user can use the hosting as his requirements. It works automatically and tackles peak and downtime in a stunning way. Here you may read the importance of Cloud hosting for developers


Cloud is also known for its security features. The chances of lost data on the Cloud are at a lower level. If a sight gets crashed then other sites take over the data so that we may not lose our data. This feature makes us feel more secured than ever. An organization carries a lot of data on the cloud and it expects to have secured them and the cloud does not let the organization down.  

Pay only for what you use

In cloud hosting, you have to pay only for the data that you use. It offers you vast services but charges only for those services that are consumed by you. Its smart feature calculates your consumption and decides the charges. This smart feature enables cloud hosting cheaper and better than regular hosting. Because in that condition you have to pay for the whole server whether you use it or do not use it. Omnipresent – We are giving a term to cloud hosting and it is Omnipresent which means it is worldwide. Today, all the big companies belong to any corner of the world working with Cloud hosting. Cloud hosting covers the whole universe and provides services to a number of users. It makes its users’ access easy and lets them get them from anywhere

Benefits and Advantage of Cloud Web Hosting

Flexible pricing structure

In the traditional type of hosting, it needs to pay monthly even if the server resources are not completely used. But in cloud hosting it is enough to pay only for the resources that are used.

If the site traffic is increasing unexpectedly or if one of the posts on the site goes viral, it is not required to upgrade the new package in the cloud hosting model. It can be done by scaling up the available resources to increased traffic and can down the server once the traffic returns to normal. So there is no need to pay for new hosting in the cloud model, just pay for resources used.


Cost-effectiveness is one of the important benefits of cloud hosting. Why because, if you need to purchase some website regarding your business means you don’t buy at on high rate. First of all, you need to select the plan properly, and then you can buy because you only give them money for that so you have to plan the clouding host. For this money and all you don’t worry about these they will appear incorrect manner so no need to worry. What services they appear for you that cost only they ask. But, traditional hosting had a high rate that is a fixed amount.

Good reliability

Reliability is nothing but it helps to keep more data. After that, this will appear the probability regards to components or systems. This reliable does not have any uncomfortable or repaired process. It does not take that much time, this process complete easily. This reliability does not lose any of the data. So that only this is named as good reliability.

Scalability of resources

The resource allocation is very easy and simple with cloud hosting whenever there is a need and emergency. In cloud hosting, the resources of sites and accounts such as bandwidth, storage, RAM, etc can be reduced or added from the collection of resources maintained by the network of multiple servers.

The physical setup of the traditional hosting has only limited resources and unalterable specifications. So, increasing the resources immediately on the server in an emergency is not possible with traditional hosting.

Increased server uptime

In traditional hosting, the site completely depends on a single server environment. If there is any hardware issue then immediately the site will go down. There is a need to utilize CDN to reduce the overall site downtime.

In cloud hosting, the site is hosted on virtually connected cloud servers. If any one of the servers is down or experiencing any technical issue, the site can be transferred to another server. So it is always possible to maintain high uptime in cloud hosting. The scaling feature of cloud hosting also helps in maintaining uptime in unexpected increased traffic. The performance of the site can be related to server uptime that is directly proportional.

Increased security

In traditional hosting, the resources and CPU are shared with other websites or a dedicated server is allotted to secure sensitive information. It costs too high for making this setup.

In cloud hosting the data is secured at various levels such as network, data, application, and physical security. And also ensures data safety through customer’s identity management, storage segregation, proper data isolation, secure and encrypted solutions, firewalls, and backup recoveries.

Rapid deployment

Rapid is nothing but speed or fasts like this we say. But, rapid deployment means speeder or faster deployments. Sometimes we did the project, which takes much more time but this helps to complete the project rapidly which means quickly. This rapid deployment font is very low costs, it will charge very well but, what we purchase that cost only they need. Rapid deployment having three types of services, they are infrastructure as services, platform services, and software services.

Enhanced execution:

Enhance execution means it is based on the activities of Google cloud hosting. This is one of the services of Google cloud hosting. Data is placed anywhere or any areas mean it will occur that data by the remote, individually it will access. This is one of the best and largest infrastructures. This will always allow any operate execution to the internet successfully. Cloud deployment having some models, they are four types that are the public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and community cloud.

Faster website speed and performance

The performance of a site hosted on the cloud is always better than the site hosted on a traditional server. In cloud hosting the load is balanced between the multiple servers to increase the site capacity. It reduces the load on a single server. The hardware used in the setup also influences the speed of the site.

For better performance select a cloud host that has multiple caching layers, premium server hardware, and low-density servers.

Backup and disaster recovery

The backup and disaster recovery feature is automatic in cloud hosting as data is automatically backed up in an inter-connected server.

But in traditional hosting there is no disaster recovery feature, that single server is used only for hosting the data and applications. There is a need to arrange another setup for data back.

Independence of location

The servers in traditional hosting are restricted to a fixed place. The loading speed of a website depends on the location of the server. So be careful and specific while choosing the server.

The cloud hosting servers are accessible from anywhere in the world. They can be globally accessible through the internet connection and with any device like PC or mobile.

An employee of an organization can access and work on the same documents from anywhere and even share applications through its team collaboration feature.

Simple server management Dashboard

The earlier servers are difficult to manage and require strong technical knowledge. But the cloud servers are coming with features that are easy to manage. It requires no technical expertise to keep track of site hosting and scale it successfully. The intuitive dashboard makes it simple.

Increased group collaboration

Group collaboration means which is based on team developments. The employee must develop the business is this basic and mandatory. Working employees give hard work and keep the coordination with other employees and them to make the business development. Collaboration means if one employee or person can make one document and then give that to other employees this is called collaboration. This is based on improving the organization for the process.

Manage the server

Basically, cloud servers are having three types of servers they are public cloud servers, private cloud servers, and dedicated cloud servers. Public server means common website everyone can use this server. A private server means it keeps very safe and secure, some people only use this type of server. A dedicated server means all of them to use this server so this is called a dedicated server. This clouding host is easy to manage the server. Cloud hosting is the newest one in the marketing world and this will manage the techniques. This cloud hosting is very simple than physical hosting.

Redundant server environment

This redundant server is one of the high scale server reliability and this server redundancy is basically founded in the environment of IT. The redundant server is exposed to the production server. This is having equal storage and applications. It has a small configuration. The redundant server is always kept offline. You cannot use this on a live server. The redundant server is always determined to take the primary servers.

Latest technology

The latest technologies used in cloud hosting helps in the customization and integration of software applications based on the business needs and preferences. This may include upgrading servers, updating versions of software, and computer processing power.

There are no upgrade and customization features in traditional hosting.

No hardware issues

In cloud hosting, there are no hardware issues. But, the physical server is always having some issues like sometimes hardware getting fail, the system gets overloaded and it has some attacks also these are the issues in the physical server. For example, you are going to buy any hardware in cloud hosting for your use means that cannot get any problems. But, you buy in physical server hardware means it get the problem. So, cloud hosting is always the best one for buying hardware and software components.

Best site with high traffic

Cloud Web hosting is always having the better manage traffic. Sometimes your website can have some traffic with other servers so the time you had cloud hosting means it will helpful for your server. That time server cannot get any traffic, smoothly it will appear the results. Cloud hosting is the best one for this there is nothing in other servers. So cloud computing is the very best one in this networking.

Live migration

The benefits of live migration are one of the largest advantages in google clouding host, the live migration gives the best applications. For this only the google cloud hosting allows the machines to access. For example, some of the online services do not have this many advantages like amazon and Flipkart this and all do not have these benefits. It consists of so many machines at the same time.

Environment friendly

The overall requirements of data centers are reduced in cloud hosting and using server resources for what is required. So it is more beneficial for the company and environment by utilizing fewer resources. There is no need for maintenance of in-house servers in cloud hosting and thereby it reduces carbon emission.

The cost for cloud hosting is less and it is a perfect option for those who require a fast loading page, flexible and immediate resource allocation, effective disaster recovery plans, and energy-saving and environmentally-friendly server setup.

Top 15 cloud hosting providers you need to know

With new technologies getting introduced in every sphere of life, hosting is also not an exception. With cloud hosting, websites are loading faster and easier to manage especially for complex websites and apps. It is the way going forward in the hosting domain. There are a lot of service providers who offer customers cloud hosting for their websites, apps, and applications.  Choosing the right web hosting plans for their website needs to be more specific and the web hosting industry with modern technology is rapidly increasing. The expected performance of a given website on the internet is performed by cloud hosting types and plans needed by the website.

Multiple websites require many resources to provide the best services to clients and customers. For highly dedicated active dynamic sites, the clients prefer a dedicated server hosting service plan. After the arrival of cloud technology hosting servers in the market, eCommerce websites are host their sites by cloud servers which is the number one priority for many providers. Some of the web hosting industries are pioneer in this field and leads the list of cloud hosting providers. This list includes both the enterprise-level cloud hosting providers like Amazon, Google, etc and also the end-user level hosting providers who are basically low-cost and high featured services.

Amazon Web Services – AWS

An Amazon web service is one of the first to enter into cloud hosting and they are the leaders in this space. They provide one of the safest platforms to host websites and applications. Anyone with basic hosting knowledge and a little bit of Linux command can host their static websites using AWS cloud hosting. With AWS, you will be getting certain features free of cost also without the need to pay. They are following pay per use option and it will be beneficial to the small websites as they don’t need to pay a lot of money for the resources which are not required actually.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is the next big thing in the cloud hosting arena. Previously known as Windows Azure, supports various operating systems, databases, tools, programming languages, and frameworks. This Microsoft Azure is revolving as one of the leading web solution hosting providers that offer multiple dedicated internet solutions and offers quality services for a low-cost rate. Most people are picking plans from Microsoft Azure to enjoy the benefits of cloud-dedicated servers.

Microsoft Azure is named as best in the industry and properly managed dedicated servers and providers are guaranteed up to 99% when compared to other service providers. One can make use of the free 30 days trails with Microsoft Azure before making use of the full services. When you sign up for a free account with Azure, you will be getting some of the popular services for one year to go along with the free credit for 200 USD worth of credit for the first 30 days and 25 services which are always free for the users to use.  One can visit the particular service provider website to understand things better and sign up.

Google Cloud platform

One more popular cloud hosting provider is Google. They are providing the cloud services under Google Cloud platform and very much follow the same pattern as Amazon and Microsoft. You must have a Google account and a valid credit card to sign up for the Google cloud services. Like Azure, they are also providing free services and other services for which you need to pay. For the services, you need to pay it is charged as per the usage or Pay as you go in technical terms. With Google Cloud platform server hosting, protect a server with inbuilt firewalls, and frequently scan machines for any spam and malware activities and also offer immediate data backups and continue monitoring to ensure if any failure disturbs site performance.

For virtual private networks, dedicated servers like the Google Cloud platform-based are more expensive and these server costs are increasing day by day. This particular service provider is designed to attract prospective and retained customers by offering free dedicated servers for working time. The only problem with Google is, you need a credit card even to use the free services. So you must have an active and valid credit card even for sign up to the Google cloud services.

IBM Cloud

IBM is one of the pioneers in the technology and computing world. They also provide one of the best cloud computing and hosting services.  IBM provides the user with the option of server customization which means everything in the server is handpicked by you according to your requirement, not built by someone else and pushed to you. IBM Cloud is integrated and managed by a single system that can be controlled via the web portal, API, or mobile apps. IBM Cloud’s Bluemix developing solution has a wide range of cloud SaaS management tools. IBM refers to its hardware servers as bare metal. These provide clients with sole access to their entire server. This reduces the noisy neighbor effect and greatly improves performance.

Hostinger Cloud Web Hosting

Hostinger is one of the biggest hosting providers in the US and they are already popular with their free hosting via 000webhosting brand. They are providing cloud hosting with 3 plans namely startup, professional and global with the startup being the lowest plan to enter into cloud hosting.

Startup plans come with 200 GB of SSD plan with 3 GB RAM and 2 CPU cores whereas professional plan comes with 250 GB storage, 6GB RAM, and 4 CPU Cores. The top plan global is best when you have a big website and need more resources. It comes with 300 GB storage and 12 GB RAM and 8 CPU cores. All the plans provide free SSL certificates for domains and also provide free domains. Prices can change according to the period you chose. Longer you chose, prices will come down and for shorter usage, the prices will be high. If you chose to pay on monthly basis you will end up paying high.


If you are looking for cloud hosting only to host websites and not much business data processing then Hostgator would be the right choice to host. Their cloud hosting platform splits your website load across various virtual server instances for more scalable hosting. Their basic Hatchling plan starts with unmetered storage and bandwidth, 2 GB RAM, and a share of 2 cores and this supports only one domain only. It is good for websites with static content as they use distributed Varnish caching to speed up the website.

One of the major advantages of using their cloud hosting is scalability when you need it. You don’t need to sign up for higher plans and wait for someone to process the order. You can just add more RAM or cores with a single click and they will be available immediately letting you don’t worry about your website getting slow or going down with high demand. You can check their websites for the plans and costs.


There are layers in the cloud hosting business. One is the top creamy layers where the providers like Amazon, IBM, Google are providing high-end cloud hosting and computing and lower end where the other providers operate and give service to all at a lower cost. Cloud ways try to provide a mix of both to the clients. One can choose their cloud service partner here like Google, Azure, or IBM, etc and they are configured in a single web console for easy understanding and usage of the normal people who may not understand the high-end technical items.

Cloudways’ ThunderStack covers all your core performance needs: Nginx, Apache, Memcached, MySQL/MariaDB, Varnish Cache, PHP 7, PHP-FM, and. Redis. There’s one-click cloning, backup and restore integrated Git, and team collaboration tools. Prices are user-friendly for the lower-end configuration and worth a shot.


Dreamhost is one of the most respected hosting providers in the hosting world and one of the premium hosting providers even for non-cloud hosting.  They provide unmanaged cloud hosting services which means users should be comfortable enough to use the command line-based hosting. They provide two different cloud hosting options. One is cloud computing and another one is cloud object storage.

Dreamcompute is their cloud computing service that lets you develop and grow your own cloud services. You can run it based on any operating system like Linux, windows, etc, and based on SSD and next-generation processors. Cloudways’ ThunderStack covers all your core performance needs: Nginx, Apache, Memcached, MySQL/MariaDB, Varnish Cache, PHP 7, PHP-FM, and Redis. There’s one-click cloning, backup and restore integrated Git, and team collaboration tools.


Inmotion is the best cloud hosting for small businesses. They offer 10 different plans based on your requirements and you can choose the one which suits you best for your business and your website.  Some of their plans are small business hosting, Agency cloud hosting, Application cloud hosting, and Enterprise cloud hosting.

Users will get a resource monitoring dashboard, free auto backups. In addition to this, they also provide free SSL and free cPanel in all of their hosting plans.


Siteground is a well-known name in the hosting circle for the premium services and hosting they provide. They are one of the hosting services recommended by WordPress and they provide managed WordPress hosting besides a host of other services including cloud hosting.  All the hosting plans are fully managed by them which means you don’t need to worry about anything including the free backup as they provide backup periodically.

Besides this, they also provide free SSL certificates for all the domains hosted on their server. You will also get free CDN’s and private DNS in some of their plans. Their basic cloud hosting plan includes 40 GB of SSD, 4 GB RAM to go with 2 CPUs, and 5 TB data transfer.

Reseller club

Reseller Club is one of the premium hosting providers that provide hosting services at a reasonable cost and high-end features for all the customers. They have 3 different cloud hosting plans which are called personal SSD, Business SSD, and PRO SSD. In the basic plan, they provide unmetered SSD space to go along with unmetered bandwidth and unlimited email accounts. It is powered by 2 CPU Cores and 2 GB RAM.

Besides this, they offer free SSL certificates and free cPanel licenses and this is for only one domain. Besides these basic features, you can add more if you want for an additional cost with a single click such as dedicated IP and additional RAM and CPU.

1 & 1 IONOS

Their service is best for basic websites and also for high-performance demand-based hosting. They have 4 different plans for cloud-based hosting with the lower end is called cloud hosting M and this is very much affordable for all. You can choose either monthly billing or yearly billing cycle as per your wish. They provide security from DDoS attacks and scalable solutions. It provides an easy-to-use and powerful control panel that will allow you to launch projects, create custom stacks, and scale resources.


It offers services for both small businesses and enterprise hosting. They provide cloud service features like SSD hosting, instantly resize of the cloud servers and automated deployment of the SSH Key, etc. They also provide enterprise-grade security services to the websites and the data. They also provide object storage services which make storing and managing a large amount of the data manageable and easy for the users.

On the flip side for the entry-level users, you won’t get the managed WordPress hosting and you need to manage it on your own.


This is one of the hosting services which provide plans for all right from individual to the enterprises. It has some plan for all the type of the users and it is quite popular among the small companies which host one or 2 websites for their business. In the entry-level plan, they offer 30 GB of SSD storage to go with 2 GB RAM, 2 CPU Cores, and 1 TB bandwidth. All the users will get one free domain name when they choose this plan along with one dedicated IP. If you are not satisfied with the service you can get the money back within 30 days through their money-back guarantee policy. On the flip side, when compared to other hosting providers of a similar range, they are quite costly.


Bigrock is known for providing premium hosting services at a manageable cost. They are also providing cloud hosting services for various levels of customers. They have 3 different plans namely starter, advanced, and Business SSD. In the basic starter plan, they provide 1 GB of SSD space, 2 GB RAM, and 2 CPU Cores to go with unlimited bandwidth. All the plans include a free SSL Certificate. In the basic plan, you can host only one website, and in other plans, you can host multiple domains.

The downside of the Bigrock is the cost and limited features in the starter plan and one needs to go for higher plans if they have a big website and have a lot of traffic like an e-commerce website.

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