Facebook Changes Rules About Covid-19 Posts Prohibition

Facebook Changes Rules About Covid-19 Posts Prohibition

In the course of the corona pandemic, Facebook has repeatedly adjusted its guidelines. The aim was to curb the spread of false information. Now the social media platform allows again contributions that were previously banned.

Facebook Is Loosening The Reins On Corona Theories

Anyone who referred to the coronavirus as man-made on Facebook last year had to expect that such posts would be deleted. This should now come to an end, as the social media platform has announced. The decision was made against the background of ongoing investigations into the origin of the coronavirus, according to a Facebook spokesman.

Facebook is referring to the investigations recently requested by US President Joe Biden. Finally, they want to clarify whether the coronavirus pandemic started through human contact with infected animals or whether the virus came from a Chinese laboratory. The Chinese government has denied such allegations since the pandemic began. As Engadget reports, following the announcement of further research, Facebook will no longer delete posts that represent theories.

The Origin Of Corona Unclear, Theories Are Unproven

This does not only include the theory that the virus came from a laboratory. Previously, for example, statements were removed in which the coronavirus was directly associated with governments or even referred to as a bioweapon. Something like that is now allowed again on Facebook.

So far, according to Engadget, Facebook has based its review of critical content on the assessments of the World Health Organization (WHO). It had already started in March that there were no definitive results on the origin of the virus. Accordingly, all theories are unproven, but the WHO experts consider the laboratory theory to be unlikely. In the wake of the decision, other theories or conspiracy myths could get a boost on Facebook. It would be poison for the algorithms of the social media platform to completely ignore much-discussed topics such as the origin of the coronavirus. From this point of view, Facebook’s decision is understandable. In the area of ​​tension between the regulation of false information and the freedom of expression, these processes must be questioned again and again, by and on Facebook as well as on other platforms and in society.

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