Microsoft Is Back On Edge Browser! Here’s Why

Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft offered the best browser under Windows with Internet Explorer years ago – until Chrome came around the corner. After years of dominance by Google, Microsoft is now said to have made the breakthrough. With some clever features, Edge is now the fastest browser on the market – at least that’s what Microsoft claims. In this article, we’ll tell you why Google still has its fingers in the game.

Microsoft Edge Is Currently The Fastest Browser

When Microsoft launched the Edge browser a few years ago, many users were disappointed. The performance was poor and the simplest functions that were standard in Chrome, Firefox, and Co. were missing. Over time, Microsoft improved the Edge browser, but the breakthrough came with the switch to Chromium. Since then, the Edge browser has really been seen as an alternative to Chrome. But that’s not enough for the company. Rather, Microsoft has set itself the goal of making the best and fastest browser available and thus dethroning Chrome. Not with strange comparisons like in previous videos, but with real added value functions.

In the official blog, Microsoft explains why the Edge browser has become faster with version 91. It has a lot to do with optimizations. So the browser starts much faster. Microsoft wants to have achieved a performance boost of 41 percent so that users get the feeling that the browser is immediately available when they need it.

The second big change in Microsoft Edge is the “sleeping tabs”. Everyone knows the problem on Chrome. If you have opened many tabs, the working memory of the PC is literally eaten up. Microsoft solves this problem with a function that puts the Edge tabs in the background into a deep sleep after a certain time. The user can choose the time period himself. This frees up memory for the tab that is actually being used, so that performance increases noticeably in normal use. An impressive 82 percent of the main memory that was otherwise senselessly used is released with the function and can be used for other things.

Google And Microsoft Work Together

Since Microsoft switched to Chromium with the Edge browser, the company has incorporated many improvements into the project, from which Google has also benefited in Chrome. Together, the two companies will continue to optimize browsers to improve usage. As users, we can only benefit.

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