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How to Start a WordPress Blog

How to Start a WordPress Blog

If you are a passionate writer then you will always look out for new ways. Content writing has started to develop new routes by which blogs can be published, once they are written. However, we need the right guide to teach us how easily we can make this possible. In this article, let us serve the role of an investigator and understand how we can create our WordPress blog. If you can get right there, your WordPress blog and WordPress account can be made while you will find the minute hand of your room clock has just tick some distance only.

Let us make a quick route map on how we can create a WordPress Blog. Once you know, we are sure you will realize how simple it is! There is no problem in installing WordPress. Among the many forms, the blue host can help you get a firsthand experience in blogging and posting. In terms of pricing, If you ask for an overall estimation, it can be as low as $30 on an average in spending on something creative with our pocket money.

We can work throughout the month without having to pay for anything else. Once created, we can also find a thousand ways to make it interesting. For example, some plug-in help in creating qualitative “SEO blogs” for customers.

Things to know about WordPress Blogging Platform

Amongst the popular forms, consider using the blue host. It will not cost you much. In other words, a layman can even buy it easily and start up his profession of writing. There are also other payment-based accounts like pay-o-neer who always want to know if you have your website. If you are linked with WordPress, you will get a free domain name after signing in. therefore; your account will be perfectly customized.

The initial price of affording WordPress can be as low as around $2 on an annual basis. Buying a domain will cost you another few dollars. However, once you have invested this sum, you will get to see results. WordPress is one of the best tools for SEO-based writing. It is just like saying that “Rome was not built in a day”. It has a tool to understand one thing. Our basic aim in creating a blog at WordPress is to increase traffic so that millions of people come across our blog and find it interesting.

Full Guide to create a WordPress Blog

1– At first you need to sign on web hosting. This is the first step in creating the blog at WordPress. We have to be concerned with two things, i.e. domain and hosting. You can select among the whole list of hosting available as your option. To name them, we have options like basic pays and other options.

The basic objective is to understand whether you need the website on a single website basis or as unlimited space. You can choose for domain privacy, domain use for one year, and other available criteria. By using the domain, we can create a blog on environmental issues like global warming on societal issues, life issues, music, or anything we like. The process of creating the blog is so easy.

2 – After you have done with the previous step, you need to choose the appropriate hosting plan. The overall popularity will depend on how you host it. Wait! We have more things to tell you. Continue reading.

3 – So far we have read the initial steps. Once you are done with the first two steps, you need to proceed a bit. In the third step, you have to advance by choosing a domain name by which your WordPress blog would be reflected.  There are over 480 domains widely popular.  The domain looks like XYZ. com is the form of XYZ. example).

We have to decide whether we want to use any personal name or generic name for the domain name. This is a step used to customize your WordPress. Take time and choose some names. The installation process is very easy if you use the blue host. If your check-up, you will find an option called “
my sites”. Next, you have to click on the “create site” option.

4 – Choosing a name is not everything. Once you have done this, you will have to get your blog registered. By doing things, you ensure that the document is accredited and recognized at the platform. Therefore, it is indeed very helpful.

While you have reached this stage, the blog is half prepared. We should also check so that the blog is easy for people to comprehend. To tell this clearly, our blog should maintain clarity through after it has been created in WordPress. Suppose you give trigonometry to a class V, student. He will not understand it right? The same goes for blogging.

5 – After hosting your WordPress, install the WordPress blog onto your system. This will be the account that you will be using henceforth. It will be done within a few seconds. In most cases, you can expect prompt attention.

6 – Once your account is created, you can make the best use of WordPress editor.   You can even change themes whenever you feel we are getting bored with the same theme. This is like change curtains of our room. There are more functional options as well.

At the same time, WordPress understands that our mood keeps on fluctuating. Probably, it is for this reason, that they have made all adjustments. We can make any modification whenever we feel like it. Once done, we can save the changes and further publish it. It is quite easy indeed, isn’t it? think for a moment and let us know. Looking for seedbox hosting, You can check here.


Creating a blog at WordPress is like blinking our eyes. It is very simple. For those amongst us, who have the urge to try out their hand in writing creatively, creating a blog is very important. The overall step of blog creation is procedural. We can even keep on making changes anytime we want. There are many popular bloggers like Neil Patel, who have framed their careers through Blogging in the WordPress Platform.

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