iPhone 13: What Could It Look Like?

iPhone 13

What can we expect from the iPhone 13, what will Apple visibly change? Attractive pictures show us the current status of the rumor mill. Two details are particularly striking.

Our level of knowledge about the upcoming iPhone 13 is growing, and in the last few weeks and months, an increasingly clear picture of the new Apple cell phone has emerged. But we haven’t really seen it yet.

iPhone 13 (mini) from the computer: This Is What The Apple Mobile Phone Could Really Look Like

In fact, the focus is on the new iPhone 13 mini. The model with a 5.4-inch screen and the “normal” version with a 6.1-inch display will probably receive visible changes, as previous reports and rumors suggest.

Already largely confirmed by industry experts, the smaller notch is in any case. The distinctive display notch should be narrower. This is made possible by relocating the earpiece. This should then be above and no longer within the notch on all models of the iPhone 13. This saves space, the notch becomes smaller.

Diagonally Instead Of Vertically

There is also speculation about a redesigned camera module. This should be more or less completely square and thus take up a little more space. The dual camera is retained, but the position of the lenses is changed. Instead of each other, these should be diagonal to each other in the future. Why Apple opts for a new layout remains unclear. In any case, it would be the third modification of the dual camera. In the iPhone 7 and 8 Plus, the lenses were arranged side by side. From the iPhone X onwards, Apple preferred a vertical arrangement instead of a horizontal one. Now it’s going to be diagonal – nice too, we haven’t had it yet.

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