Latest Moving Technologies For Piano Moving

Latest Moving Technologies For Piano Moving

In today’s modern world, technology has become an important part of people’s lives. But, more than that, it has been a great help for businesses in their operations. Luckily, the moving industry is no exception. With more people relocating their heavy, valuable possessions like piano and other instruments, many technological innovations have been designed to make the process much easier and more seamless. Most relocation service providers make use of various technological advancements to help clients achieve a great moving experience.

Thus, if you’re planning to move your piano anytime soon, below are the latest moving technologies that movers use for this bulky piece of instrument:

1. Self-Booking App

Of course, before you can finally relocate your piano to a new location, there’s a need to book a moving service so the professionals can assist you with the relocation process. Thankfully, most experienced movers have self-booking apps that allow clients like you to make a booking and request professionals to relocate your piano at a certain date and time.

In most cases, these self-booking apps offer a better level of comfort and convenience as you only have to fill in all important information and  click the “book” button. From there, the moving company will confirm the schedule and they’ll be there to help you with piano moving.

2. GPS Tracking

Another latest technology that moving companies use for piano moving is the GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking device. It refers to a navigation device installed on a vehicle, person, or animal to know its geographic location as well as movement.

That being said, most relocation service providers install GPS tracking units on their moving trucks to monitor the trip and ensure that all belongings are transported safely and securely. This is extremely helpful when it comes to moving a piano and other heavy possessions.

Generally, a piano can be a valuable possession you have at home, which is why you can’t afford to get it damaged or lost while the relocation process is on-going. Hence, professionals like reliable Piano Movers know exactly what to do by putting GPS trackers on their truck. By doing this, the relocation company can deter the potential risk of theft, ensure faster theft recovery, and improve safety of your equipment.

3. Barcode Technology

When moving piano and other heavy items, barcode technology can be used for inventory purposes. With this state-of-the-art technological advancement, moving companies can provide real-time web information on your inventory. They’ll generate a barcode for your piano and you can check the status of this item with just a few clicks.

Moreover, by using barcode technology, the movers are given the opportunity to accurately and efficiently manage your inventory while it’s in their possession.

4. Radio Frequency Identification Scanning Systems

Another latest technology that movers use for piano moving is radio frequency identification scanning systems. With this kind of scanner, microchips are installed on the item. Generally, these microchips contain relevant data regarding the product, including its description. From there, the information on the microchips will be transferred through radio frequency to an RFID device. This allows the movers to keep track of your item while they’re in transit.

In short, when you ask for certain information about your item, using RFID scanning systems allows your moving company to furnish you with some details about the whereabouts of the moving. As such, it can provide you with peace of mind knowing your piano and other valuable belongings are safe while being transported.

5. Dynamic Routing Software

Due to its value and importance, piano and other valuable possessions should be transported without delays. This means that the transit should be as smooth as possible to minimize risk of accidents on the road. This is where using dynamic routing software becomes beneficial.

Primarily, dynamic routing technology provides certain data that’s intended to inform your movers about the routes to be taken, including real-time traffic and weather information. For example, with the use of this software, you can filter unnecessary paths and search for a quicker route, making your move more seamless.

6. Forward-Looking Camera Systems

Known as dash cams, forward-looking camera systems have been used by moving companies to provide protection while in transit. Since piano and other bulky possessions can be considered as significant investments, using these up-to-date camera systems can help protect the move from any collisions and save the moving company from any lawsuits filed against them.

Also, with these high-tech cameras, you can have peace of mind that whatever happens, the moving company will safeguard your possessions by showing the truth in the matter of collisions.

The Bottom Line

Indeed, piano moving is something that requires careful planning and preparation. Due to its size and weight, it needs utmost care when dealing with a piano instrument and other heavy items. Fortunately, there are many technological advancements that can make the process more convenient.

Therefore, if you’re relocating your piano to a new location, keep these latest technologies in mind and you’ll become more confident about its safety throughout the process.

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