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The 3 Parmigiani Fleurier Watches You Should Contemplate For Your Next Wrist Watch Purchase

Parmigiani Fleurier Watches

When it comes to a luxury wristwatch, you can start choosing from Parmigiani Fleurier Watches, which has been the epitome of wristwatch making. Their number of wristwatch collections will meet with your satisfaction. Their goal is to produce perfection in every timepiece that every individual who chooses their brand will be served in a satisfactory experience.

It is also essential to get your money’s worth, which is inlined with investing when purchasing your wristwatch. You should always ask yourself if this particular wristwatch will be gainful for your future. The Brand Parmigiani Fleurier has been producing quality wristwatches for the wristwatch enthusiast.

In this article, we will be talking about three of the preeminent wristwatches from Parmigiani Fleurier watches available in today’s market.

Toric Automatic Slate Dial Red Gold Men’s Watch

The introductory wristwatch from the most preeminent from Parmigiani Fleurier watches the model PFC423-1600201-HA1241, which is made to be comfortably worn by men. It has a mixture of slate and red-gold colors, which are colors associated with strength and reliability. It also has that rustic feeling making it look vintage when viewed from afar.

You will immediately start liking the details that it has within its dial. The amount of crispiness in every letter and number is stunning. The casing is made with 18ct red gold making it a unique wristwatch rather than the casual stainless steel. It is also paired with a band or strap made with 18ct rose gold to complement its casing.

This timepiece’s movements have the caliber of PF441-COSC and a reserve of 55 hours that has a frequency of 4 Hz – 28’800 A/h making it impossible for this wristwatch to lose track of the current time. Purchasing this timepiece will allow you to track your second, minute, hour, and date, which can boost your productivity and avoid getting late all the time.

Tonda Automatic White Dial Rose Gold Men’s Watch

The secondary wristwatch that you should contemplate is this model PFC288-1063301-HA1421 that is built explicitly for men’s wrist. It is a combination of the rose gold casing, white pearl dial, and black leather band. At first sight, you will quickly notice that this is a luxury type wristwatch because of the jewels all around its casing.

You can wear this in a formal event or even in the most prestigious events. The choice of using a leather material in a luxury wristwatch allows you to wear this comfortably without having to think about the weight of it on your wrist. You also do not need to worry about getting any water damage because it has a water-resistant feature with a limit of 30 meters underwater.

You will also not be disappointed with its movements as it is a caliber PF701 with a reserve of 42 hours and a frequency of 3 Hz – 21’600 A/h. It will help you stay aware of the time in seconds, minutes, and hours, and it has a sub-dial that can help you track the one minute. Overall this is a functional wristwatch that is inlined with the latest fashion trends and can be used for specific events.

Tonda Metropraphe Automatic White Dial Stainless Steel Men’s Watch

The last and final wristwatch in our list of the most preeminent timepieces from the Parmigiani Fleurier is PFC274-0000100-XC1342 which is assembled specially for men. It is your typical silver casing, white dial, and black band that can effortlessly be paired with any type of attire you wish to wear. The flexibility of those timepieces also allows you to wear them even on your regular day.

The case is built with a choice of stainless steel materials to make it durable in any kind of activity and limit scratches. Its size is 40 millimeters, making it a good consideration for people with a small to medium-sized wrist. The movement is also great, having the caliber PF315 and a reserve of more or less 42 hours with the frequency of 4Hz – 28’800 A/h.

An additional feature that you will be in your liking is the water resistance which helps you avoid damaging your wristwatch from water activities. However, you should always remember that it has a 30meter limit.


In choosing your next wristwatch purchase, one of the many things you should consider is what purpose you will use your wristwatch for? Having different answers to that question, your next purchase of a timepiece should always be worthy of its price.

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