PI Behavioral Assessment: What is it and How to Prepare?

PI Behavioral Assessment

The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment Test is a type of personality test. It helps employers around the globe filter and select employees that are best suited for their business needs. The PI test is no ordinary test as it has no pass or fails criterion defined; neither there are any right or wrong answers to the asked questions. This test has no time limits and has been used for more than 60 years in the corporate world. This article will explain what this test aims for and prepare for the PI Behavioral assessment test.

What Behavioral Assessment Test measures:

A successful business or entrepreneur must invest in a valued resource that maximizes productivity with minimum investment. Here the role of human resources or recruitment agencies comes in handy. If the employer conveys his ideal candidate’s requirements for a specific job efficiently on certain quantifiable parameters, it would be much easier to find that candidate out of thousands of resumes received.

The PI Behavioral assessment test is one such tool to analyze a potential candidate’s abilities and reactions under given circumstances. Four key factors provide a framework for understanding employee’s workplace behaviors. These are mentioned below:

  • Dominance: The urge to influence events or people is called dominance. This trait drives a person to control over or make an impact on their surroundings.
  • Extraversion: It is the ability to socialize with other people. Employees with high extraversion are regarded as doers.
  • Formality: The drive to conform with rules, regulations, and structure is termed formality.
  • Patience: The consistency and stability in an individual’s work ethics are displayed by patience.

A PI behavioral Assessment Test taker is provided with two separate lists of adjectives. In the first list, the candidate selects adjectives according to how he thinks others expect him to act; and subsequently, from the second list, he selects adjectives that he thinks are best suited for him. Employee profiling is done based on the provided answers. The key factors on which a particular profile depends are mentioned above. It is important to note that the PI test’s reference profile is independent of specific job roles.

The PI behavioral assessment test assigns individual profiles to candidates. These particular profiles are a combination of specific traits that help employers assess their valued employees’ capabilities. Some of the types of profiles are discussed below:

The Analyzers:

Such employees assessed as “Analyzers” are natural problem solvers. They are self-motivated, disciplined, data-driven, and enthusiastic. The employees in this profile are high achievers. However, there are certain shortcomings associated with analyzers as well. For example, these can sometimes be skeptical and cannot make decisions without data support or setting too idealistic results.

The Maverick:

Employees that are natural leaders like to define their ways to achieve set targets. Such candidates are persistent and task-oriented. Nevertheless, such employees are susceptible to be regarded as tough-minded, giving limited attention to details and engaging in technical work.

How to Prepare for the test:

The Pi Behavior Test only consists of 2 questions and hardly takes 6 minutes to complete. It is recommended not to prepare for the test to analyze yourself as naturally as possible, yet there are preparations and tips to create a strong impression.

Be sincere in all your answers. Remember, do not lie. As your lying or deceiving traits would cloud your judgment, you could not perform up to your full potential during the test. Always consider professional behavior while answering work-related questions. You should always read the instructions carefully before beginning the test. It is vital to understand and comprehend all the guidelines carefully to attempt the queries as legitimately as possible.

It is advisable to double-check your work. Mostly, PI tests are not timed, but please be vigilant and take care if some time limit is associated with the test. Another important tip is not to pick too many or too few extreme responses. A balanced approach towards your questions will lead to a realistic and consistent profile; for instance, try avoiding choices containing the words “strongly” agree/disagree.

Please keep your job role in mind while attempting queries on the test. Consider the traits or qualities that you need to excel in a certain specific job role. Keep the company motto, core values, vision, and mission statements in mind. Nerve gamble on your test. It means that do not attempt questions based on mere guesswork.

To obtain positive results, do not think too hard and answer all the questions honestly. Keep an open mind for all kinds of questions and attempt all questions confidently and calmly. Do not panic or freak out if you answer a couple of questions wrong. Keep in mind all the participants cannot achieve the same results. Keep in review and check all your morals, work ethics, confidentiality agreements, and civic laws and duties.

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