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4 Channels to Include In Your B2B Lead Generation Toolkit

B2B Lead Generation

B2B lead generation never stops. A sales funnel is hungry and demands new and fresh leads to convert them into customers. Some prefer to buy b2b leads. Others believe if they do everything in the book, the gods of lead generation will have mercy on them and keep sending them new leads. We all hear some paradoxical maxims, like

  • Content is the king
  • No one knows where leads come from
  • We do a lot of one night stands in lead generation and not enough in long term relationships

We need to juggle many aspects of lead generation and yet not be confident that they will bring expected results. However, what you should keep doing at all times is to make consistent marketing efforts and have your lead generation diversified. Marketers who work with multiple channels always have a steady flow of b2b leads, because while one channel lays the groundwork for brand awareness, the other channel is at the maturity stage and can convert b2b sale leads into customers. Multiple channels perpetuate the cycle of b2b lead generation.

4 Channels for B2B Sale Lead Generation

It is highly recommended to use as many lead generation channels as possible but obviously each business will respond differently. Remember, how you use a channel is more important than what channel, or how many channels you use.

Email Marketing

Cold emails, or email marketing, is the most common way to generate new leads. Having obtained prospects’ emails through fill-in forms on websites and landing pages or other ways, you nurture your prospects through

  • newsletters
  • drip email campaigns  
  • tutorials
  • promotions
  • announcements
  • guides
  • testimonials and reviews

Email campaigns are usually highly personalized and targeted. Modern all-in-one CRM software provides loads of factual information on persons on your lists to use in your content. Email content should be diverse yet precisely tailored to boost website traffic, establish authority and credibility, and increase sales. When sending out emails, remember to protect the hours of your work from being dumped in the spam bin. Install spam checker software. The folder is an email spam checker that not only ensures 99% email deliverability but also carries out domain health analysis, increases your mailbox score, and runs background maintenance.

Social Media Marketing

Some believe that the purpose of social media marketing is rather brand awareness than lead generation. Your existing customers are already interacting with your brand through social media and people who don’t know about your product will less likely convert into customers after a post or two on LinkedIn or a YouTube video. Indeed, nurturing leads from social media can take longer. But if you target your ideal customers through your engaging content and exciting conversations, new leads will flock into your sales funnels through the power of social selling and your clever games with competitors.

Lead Generation through Telemarketing Companies

In B2B, telemarketing is not limited to traditional cold calls. Instead, B2B companies prefer to work with lists of existing contacts, providing reports on the amount of passes, follow-ups, and a guaranteed b2b sale lead percentage.

When it comes to lead generation through telemarketing, companies often don’t use in-house sales teams to get leads. Instead, they outsource cold calling efforts to telemarketing agencies and pay specifically for qualified leads. Because B2B telemarketers work with personalized scripts and address targeted audiences, telemarketing is a great channel for lead generation as it is cost effective, brings measurable, real-time results, and can be localized for international companies.

Event Marketing

Let’s not forget about face-to-face communication. Corporate events and trade shows are great to expand your contact list and generate new leads. It doesn’t come cheap. Participation in events costs money. If you want to really invest in lead generation through event marketing, buy a better location on the event floor, send more sales reps to work with attending people, spend more money on prizes and giveaways, and so on.

Picked Your Favorite Channel?

In fact, you shouldn’t settle on one channel. Use them all wisely. To a certain extent, all lead generation channels are content marketing. Always keep your audience in mind and provide them with useful and entertaining information. If you need any help with content marketing or any lead generation channels, Belkins is a team of skilled professionals in lead generation and appointment setting. We’ll be happy to help you reach new leads and increase your sales.

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