Python Programming Language – Pros and Cons

Python Programming Language - Pros and Cons

What is Python?

The computer is the latest machinery in the world. It is totally based on the work of languages. All commands are given to computer in a specific language. The only, computer can read that language. There are many such languages which are provided to a computer. The major language of them is Python, which is a highly ranked language for a system. The computer can easily generate algorithms as a result of the Python language.

So here we will discuss the Python language. What is Python? Python is the set or collection of algorithms, to which a computer or a program, or a piece of machinery can easily translate into its coding and then create a result with the accordance of that Data. Python is a high-level language. You can use it to create, develop or generate a software or web designing and development. Python is basically a programming language and was generated by Guido Van Rossum in 1991.

 Python is used for web development, Software construction, and development, Mathematical analysis, scripting of systematic constituents.

Performance of Python:

Python has a grip over systematic languages. You can use it to generate web apps. Workflows can be constructed using Python. Python directly connects to the Database. So it can translate and change the files. Moreover, python is used to resolve the mathematical issues and to handle the Big data. During software development, python is used to prototyping and is used to increase the production percentage of software.

Why Python is Still in Trends and Important?

Python works at a high level. Python works on various Operating Systems. These Operating systems may be windows, Mac, Linux, etc. Python generates simple syntax, related to the English language. Python affords and provides a syntax that facilitates the developers to edit the program with the help of simple and less number of lines instead of all other languages. It supports the interpreter which means to execute the result as fast as it was written. It simply means that prototyping is fast. It also can be managed as a procedural, functional or object-oriented way.

The latest update of python is python 3. Although Python 2 is not being updated besides simple security updates. Now it is a very common way that you can edit the python Integrated Development Environment. For example, Netbeans, Thonny, etc.

Python can compare other languages. It is similar to English languages with the accordance of Mathematics. Python generates new lines to fulfill and perform the command. This feature of python is different from other languages. everything has two-phase and now I am going to describing to you about the Pros and Cons of Python Programming Language.

Here is some Advantage of Python:

Easy to Use:

Python is the most advanced language. Many of the users agree that the pythons are easy to pick up. Both seniors and beginners can use them easily. Its source code is similar to that of the pseudo-code. Easily understandable during the program writing. In short, it is easy to program writing instead of C++ or java. It is also popular among academia and some other top class websites.

Faster and Smooth:

Python community provides fast and effective support to the users and work hard to fix the bugs and generate new developmental products to maintain the language with the accordance of the world. They provide fast feedback duty. A programmer can easily skip a difficult task in which he can perform in another language. This method provides fast working ratio. Python also provides fast coding methods to facilitate the programmer. Python can manage different windows with the same interface. This shows that the user can easily manage the program writing.

Usability with IoT:

IoT stands for the internet of things. It opened a large No. of possibilities. Python is introducing itself as a choice for IoT. the certification for Raspberry indicating that the language is easy.

Asynchronous Coding:

Python proved itself to write asynchronous code as an effective language. Which provides a single and simple loop for work in basic units. Such generators are useful to run several processing loops.

Here is some Disadvantage of Python:

Speed and Performance :

Speed is a basic issue for work. Although this is the best language it is also slower than other all languages. Only a few benchmarks of this language are faster than that of the C.

Lack of Browser and Computing in Mobile Devices:

Python is effective in desktop and server platforms. While it is weak in Android Platforms. This language is not present in the browser web development. It is due to less security.

Restrictions for Designs:

The python language does not support to designing. The reason is that it is dynamically typed. It requires more testing services. There is an absence of Python counterparts for many Matlab toolboxes. several of those toolboxes, modules, and packages aren’t however mature in terms of development and are poorly supported and documented. this is often to be expected, on condition that Python is essentially driven by a community of volunteers WHO might not have time for documenting and supporting each module.

If you propose on obtaining a module or package for Python, it’s continually a decent plan to envision if the module is being actively maintained before you develop AN application obsessed on it. Otherwise, you may develop your own patches and workarounds for the code. We mentioned Python’s use in engineering and scientific work concisely. Among modules for such work, matplotlib, SciPy, and NumPy are among the foremost necessary. whereas matplotlib and NumPy are well-documented, Sci-Py may behave unclear or missing documentation. as an example, scipy interpolate.

LSQ Univariate Spline is employed to feature a smoothing split for the information, however, the documentation doesn’t justify that means of the coefficients that the strategy returns. this could be problematic since the strategy returns fewer than expected coefficients.

Problems in Metplotlib:

There are bound challenges within the matplotlib, which is sort of a capable non-interactive plotting package. For one, there’s an absence of uniformity in interfaces for numerous strategies and functions. As an example, once you generate a text box with the plot. annotate operate or the annotate methodology of the axes object, you’ll use the records keyword to specify if the text location is specified as knowledge coordinates, figure fragmentary coordinates or axes fragmentary coordinates.

however this keyword is missing with the pyplot.text operate and solely knowledge coordinates may be accustomed to specify the text location, which is mostly not what programmers need. and only data coordinates can be used to specify the text location, which is generally not what programmers want.


The above discussion indicates that everything has both benefits and side effects. So now, we can say that the good remarks about Python are more than that of its Cons. Moreover, it is best in creation and programming. So we just have to need improvement and up-gradation about it. It is easy to understand and best for programming.

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