Top Gamification Features That You Must Look For When Selecting Your LMS

Top Gamification Features

One characteristic feature of every LMS that makes it more interesting for learners is the gamification of the platform. A gamified platform that’s easy to use further helps to motivate learners and consequently improve ROI for organizations.

Features like badges and leaderboards enable organizations to nurture the competitive side of their learners, be it students or employees. This helps them stay engaged and learn more as they prepare to compete. It offers a perfect blend of education and fun to the learners.

There are plenty of gamification features that are now available on different platforms. Thus, having your requirement and goal in mind will certainly help make the selection process a lot easier for you. Having the budget that you are ready to invest in an LMS will be an added advantage.

To make the selection process easier for you, we have compiled a list of the top gamification features that you must look for.

Here are Top Gamification Features that you need to know

1- Customizable Badges

Make sure that the LMS that you are planning to choose allows you to customize your badges. These customizations should be based on the subject, the preferences of your learners, and the organizational training goals, as well as be by your brand image.

For example, LearnUpon allows you to personalize templates by adding graphics or tweaking color palettes. You can make your badges more appealing and thus, more incentivized for learners.

2 – Social Learning

One of the best things about E-learning is the capability of social learning for students and employees. While it’s true that there are a few who prefer to work on their own and collect rewards, there are many who prefer engaging with their fellow learners and competing against top performers.

For example, some might just want to see where do they actually stand as per the leaderboard in comparison to others.

3 – Leaderboards

It’s often suggested to find an LMS with the leaderboard feature, however, you can expect a mixed response. A few might just want to indulge in a friendly competition to stay on top, while others prefer to go solo. That said, leaderboards have proven to help learners stay motivated and stay updated with the latest learnings.

You need to make sure that the LMS of your choice allows you to ensure that all the users can compete anonymously. This will help your learners to compete freely and not worry about being judged.

4 – Progress Trackers

Progress is how you and your learners can figure out where the learners stand. Learning without an understanding of whether the course or training is truly helping you can often get frustrating. Thus, it is important to find an LMS that allows your learners to take a look at their personal progress trackers and see how far they have come.

You can also find an LMS that further lets you or your learners customize this feature and add a themed map to your course or training.

5 – Game Mechanics

Built-in game mechanics are the crux of a gamified platform. These mechanics include badges, reward systems, and points among many others. Not every LMS platform is well-equipped with built-in gamification features. Thus, you need to be very careful when you are selecting your learning management system. Make sure that an LMS allows you to choose the game mechanics that you need. Just keep in mind that different learners have different motivational factors working for them.

For example, badges might work for those who prefer to work solo and a leaderboard might work for a more social person.


To wrap it up, the gamification feature is one of the many ways to make training and courses more interesting. Features like leaderboards, badges, and reward points that are built-in not only make it easier for organizations but also make learning more interesting for students. Make sure to keep the above-mentioned points in mind when selecting your LMS with gamification features.

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