What is VPN, How It Works, and Types of VPN and Best VPN Service Providers in The Market

Best VPN Service Providers

VPN abbreviation stands for Virtual Private Network – a virtual private network. It was first invented and implemented by Microsoft. Management wanted employees to be able to access the work network from their home computers. Naturally, corporate information had to remain private from unauthorized persons.

The goal was achieved by combining allowed nodes on top of a public network. The data transmitted through the “tunnel” was encrypted, converted into an unreadable set of codes. Over time, other companies began to use the technology, and even later – ordinary PC users.

What Does Mean by Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN Stands for “Virtual Private Network” and it provides us the online privacy and separate private network from public Internet connections. When you are using VPN then no buddy can steal your online privacy and your personal Data from Internet. There is one most important thing about VPN Services, VPN make your network secure and encrypted to protect your all online data and privacy. The virtual private network is hiding your IP address. And this is one of the best VPN servers which help to encrypt your internet traffic and detect your online identities. This VPN must take place in real time only. And it does not track your activations and regarding some things. It did not find your location and data. This is very important why because, if you are continuously connected to common Wi-Fi networks. It does not find any information about your personal data, payment.

Why Is VPN Used?

Having figured out what VPN is, many users realized its benefits. Today such services are used for the following purposes:

1. Personal Data Protection

Let’s say a person is sitting in a public institution with shared Wi-Fi and will pay for the service through the phone. However, attackers can easily intercept passwords and bank card details. VPN allows you to avoid this.

2. Anonymity

Many people do not want outsiders to know the history of their visits and transactions on the Internet. And it’s not just a matter of modesty. For example, marketers often analyze previous purchases and offer customers their favorite products but at an inflated price.

3. Freedom

Sometimes Internet providers, at the request of the authorities, block access to sites for users from specific regions. The web helps you bypass restrictions and view content from anywhere in the world.

VPN services are still widely used in business. They are especially needed by large companies with branches in different countries. Employees connected to a private network can securely exchange corporate and financial documents, store passwords, and other data.

How is a VPN different from a proxy?

Proxies are another privacy tool. However, it has a different principle of operation. The user does not connect to a dedicated network but passes traffic through an additional server. In this case, the initial IP is changed to the individual IP address of the proxy.

Compared to VPN, the technology has the following advantages:

  • low price
  • higher speed of work
  • no need to install additional software

There are also disadvantages to proxies. Unlike VPNs, they do not use additional data encryption methods, and they also record and store user actions (logs) on the Internet. In addition, proxies do not allow you to change location if necessary, quickly. to know more about the Advantage of Virtual Private Network here.

Individual proxy IP addresses are convenient for creating multi-accounts. It is an essential point for those who make money out of boxes. If the performer sits on such sites with VPN, then the admins will see the same IP address and block the profiles.

Basic types of VPN connections

Today there are several classifications of VPN connections: according to the level of implementation, purpose, degree of security (type of protocol). The latter is most useful for a commoner in the street so that we will consider it.


PPTP stands for Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol. It appeared back in the 90s and is still in use today. PPTP provides connectivity by wrapping PPP packets into IP packets and creating a “tunnel” over an unsecured network (such as the Internet).

The protocol has the following advantages.

  • does not require additional equipment;
  • perfectly compatible with any OS, including Windows, Linux, and Mac;
  • not pretentious to the computing resources of the device.

However, PPTP does not use data encryption by default. It is considered the most unreliable protocol.


Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol stands for Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol. It combines two technologies – PPTP from Microsoft and L2F from Cisco, providing a more secure and reliable connection.

The remote system creates a “tunnel” between multiple L2TP connection points, and messages are encrypted using another protocol (usually IPSec). The advantage of the technology is that it can work over IP and other virtual networks: ATM, X.25.

Site-to-Site VPN

It stands for “node – node” or “network – network.” It is also commonly known as the Intranet. A connection implies two or more devices (routers) between which a continuous “tunnel” is created.

The Site-to-Site protocol is usually used to connect local area networks of one company branch in different states. In this case, the encryption of the transmitted data is carried out using special devices or applications.


The concept of the IPSec (Internet Protocol Security ) is called technology, which includes a set of standards to ensure the encryption, authentication, and secure transmission of IP packets. Its main advantage is the ability to be used in addition to other protocols.

IPSec can function in two modes: transport – then a separate message is encrypted in the data packet; tunnel – then the entire package is encrypted. It is worth noting the need to download additional software and the minuses’ computing power requirement. In addition, IPSec connections are relatively easy to crack.


SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer – secure packet protocol, and TLS stands for Transport Layer Security or security at the transport layer. These types of VPNs are widespread in e-commerce and banking. They create a secure connection between the client (browser) and the VPN server. The technology uses public critical information security to authenticate the recipient and transmitter. The widespread implementation of the SSL / TLS protocol is OpenVPN, which is considered the most reliable VPN connection option today.

How Do I Choose A Reliable VPN Service?

Before choosing a VPN, you need to define your goal clearly. Let’s say you want to dig deeper into how the technology works or visit several blocked sites. Then free services are for you.

Advantages of VPN providers:

VPN services provide an invaluable service for anyone using the internet. Sometimes it is have some possible gains to while we watching that.

  • Online privacy
  • Anonymity
  • Unblocking websites
  • Unblocking Telegram
  • Safe torrent and streaming
  • Bypassing censorship
  • Saving money online by changing your geo-location

Disadvantages of VPN Providers:

  • Use obsolete protocols, creating the risk of intercepting keys and configuration files to decrypt all traffic
  • Show ads
  • Lead to a slowdown in speed and malfunctions in the browser
  • Have restrictions on file uploads
  • Keep track of and store connection logs

Hence, it is evident that free VPNs are poorly suited for people who want to maintain anonymity on the network and protect critical information from being intercepted by hackers. Such users should use paid services.

Types of VPN Service Provider

A VPN service provider is a type of service provider that provides VPN services to end users or managements. They provide their customers with a secure and private network that connects one or more locations, local networks or intranets together. A well for VPN service provider is also call as a VPN host in terms.

Besides providing a private network connection, a VPN service provider also provides end users with proxy servers to access restricted websites/content and to protect their identity. VPN service provideris also enables last users to and after thataccess restricted content or any website anonymously without disclosing their location along with the identity.

The service which is provided by VPN service is also has the various forms:

  • Hosted/Cloud VPN: The client connects to over a web-based (cloud) VPN connection
  • Public VPN: The VPN is hosted and accessed using public networks or the Internet

Best 10 VPN Service Providers lists as followed

  • Express VPN
  • NordVPN 
  • Surfshark 
  • IPVanish 
  • CyberGhost 
  • Hotspot shield
  • Private internet access
  • Tunnelbear
  • Encrypt me
  • FastestVPN

1) Express VPN:

Express VPN is the number one most highly-acclaimed VPN service on the market, and it’s no secret why. With a high no of amount servers, can also have great deals, and superior quality service, Express VPN blows the competition delete out of the water. This means no matter where in the world you are, you are likely to have several servers at your disposal for smooth and fast streaming. This company has ridiculously fast speeds. This comes from all of those servers we mentioned. Add, Express VPN let allows you to see which server has fastest download speeds. You can also leave the tension about the privacy issues with Express VPN since it has a strict no logs policy across the board. No timestamps, browsing history. It’s all private, all the time. ExpressVPN is a virtual private network service offered by the British Virgin Islands-registered company Express VPN International

Features for Express VPN:

ExpressVPN released a new protocol called Light way with an aim to make its connections faster, stable, and more trust worthy. This is improved the VPN by the light way. This was the first example in the VPN industry for such a server security setup, and is referred to as Trusted Server. VPNs it covers your network protocols with your IP address.


When it comes to the VPN software, OpenVPN is the gold standard, a crowdsourced option that’s being constantly updated to the current avoid surveillance. Express VPN defaults to OpenVPN, which required us to download third-party software.

Split tunneling:

This network is not a common server. With most VPNs, that means the switching purpose is off the connection when we want to access file in the common internet, but this was not cause of case to express the VPN service.

2)Nord VPN:

Nord VPN is a secure VPN service based in a privacy friendly location Panama. This VPN service is known for its excellence in complete privacy, advanced security, and internet freedom. Nord VPN does not keep any logs, and given its territory, the laws of the land do not require it to do so. Nord VPN clients are aesthetically pleasing as they offer a bigger and more detailed interface with a map. It has over eight million customers around the world making it one of the most popular VPNs, so we were excited to test it. 

Features for Nord VPN

The Nord VPN is basically perform is swimming. We used to it torrent films and watch TV on Netflix with pretty insignificant slowdowns. Plus, we love that Nord VPN is based in Panama, a non-member to Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and 14 Eyes. Legally, the company can never be forced to hand over data, so Nord VPN is a great choice for those concerned about privacy. Nord VPN is basically it make the users traffic in the internet. This Nord VPN is hiding their IP address and encrypting all incoming and outgoing data. Nord VPN offers three subscription plans: monthly, yearly and bi-yearly.

Low prices:

When we were testing out Nord VPN, we signed up for a month, which cost us $11.95. Nord VPN started a network-wide rollout of 10Gbps servers, upgrading from the early 1Gbps constant.

Netflix access:

Watching Netflix from other countries on Nord VPN; did you know that the TV shows and movie options are different depending on Nord VPN let us watch Netflix on Linux, Mac, or Windows computer. Nord VPN announced a gradual roll-out of the Wire Guard-based Nord protocol on all its platforms

Double encryption:

One of the things we liked most about NordVPN is its use of double-VPN, meaning that our web traffic was encrypted not once but twice through multiple servers. Anyone working in a place filled with surveillance and censorship, thus implementation was proceed by overall which includes virtual machines on nine different providers, in 19 cities, and eight countries. The tests showed higher average download and upload speeds than both OpenVPN and IKEv2

3) Surfshark VPN:

Surfshark make very easy and the torrent is download very faster. You can download any movies or you can watch TV. This is extra larging device for even one subscriptions, this VPN gave people for free IP address. This is not trace any servers and it is like a privacy server. That was an option as well. In addition to that, Surfshark is based in a country that’s a non-member to Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and 14 Eyes, and it allows for Netflix in addition to torrent.

Features for surfshark VPN:

 In the Virgin Islands, Surf shark will never be forced to hand over customer data, as these islands aren’t members of Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and 14 Eyes. Although territory of the United Kingdom, the Virgin Islands are self-governed and have their own laws. Plus, they have no data retention laws of their own, and surveillance isn’t legal, even when it’s not about the government.

International server:

How much  closer we were to the server, the better our connection would be, so when it came to server locations from Surf shark, we were more than satisfied.

Streaming services:

No secret that we love streaming, and what was awesome about Surf shark is that we have so much variety of servers. This surf shark gave as so many stream platforms. And this VPN is trying to connect only some of the serves works in same time. The surf shark it allows the streaming service is gets blocked. Actually it works for you automatically and then found easily the correct server.

4)IPvanish VPN:

To providing end-to-end network encryption, IPVanish allows its users to appear in one of more than 75 different locations. When connected to the service, a user’s true IP address is masked by a decoy IP address which is supplied by IPVanish and shared among their users. Each subscriber is allowed to use the service on an unlimited number of devices at the same time. IPVanish worked really well on our Android devices, with strong encryption methods, great download speeds, and split tunnel, which really helped us out when we were working from home. 

Features for IPvanish VPN:

IPVanish VPN offers several features, including

  • IPv6 leak protection
  • DNS leak protection
  • OpenVPN scramble
  • SOCKS5 web proxy
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited P2P
  • IP address cycling
  • Port forwarding
  • Access via UDP/TCP
  • Internet kill switch
Kill switch:

While a kill switch doesn’t sound pleasant, it’s actually a pretty essential part of a VPN. We used IPVanish at the library one day, and when the VPN failed, this Web windows is completely closed for the servers and it get ensuring that our IP address and web traffic weren’t exposed. This was a lot better than the alternative,

Robust Customer Service

IPVanish also wins when it comes to helping customers with problems. Not only do they have 24/7 live chat and a comprehensive FAQ section, but also a phone line, a huge rarity for VPN companies. We got responses within five minutes,

User-Friendly App

We’re constantly on public Wi-Fi networks on our iPhones, so we liked connecting to IP Vanish from their IOS app. Connecting was super easy and intuitive, and we didn’t experience any bugs or glitches. Other IPVanish iPhone-users seemed to agree with us, as the app has a 4.5 rating from over 42,000 reviews.

5) Cyberghost VPN:

CyberGhost is a fast, secure VPN service owned by a privacy-focused company based in Bucharest, Romania. This VPN service has been around since 2011, and it has a comprehensive grasp of what the digital world needs—internet freedom and privacy.CyberGhost VPN is more of a privacy solution, and it follows a strict no-logs policy. It packs many features to showcase its capabilities.The company is based in Romania, not a member of those international surveillance networks we keep on mentioning; plus, Romania is a country has almost no data retention laws of its own, making CyberGhost a great pick for privacy.CyberGhost also has over 4,300 VPN servers in 60 countries that offer unlimited bandwidth with the highest speeds possible. Some of its servers allow P2P traffic.

Features for Cyberghost VPN:

Plentiful server locations. A VPN hides a user’s data by encrypting it with a tunnel created between the user’s device and the VPN’s web server Mobile apps. Any VPN will offer client software for a Windows. Given the large number of VPN services available, it can be challenging deciding which one to sign up for. While the websites of VPN providers are useful up to a point in terms of highlighting important features.

Discount available

We’re always looking for a great deal, which is why CyberGhost appealed to us greatly. While we signed up for a month for $12.99, a pretty standard price compared to other VPNs, we could’ve signed up for one, two, or three years. With these plans, our monthly rates would’ve gone down to $5.99, $3.69 or $2.75, respectively, which is pretty incredible. 

Great Customer Support

We’ll be honest with you: most VPN companies seriously skimp when it comes to customer support, with few options available and unresponsive agents. However, CyberGhost doesn’t fit to the mold in the respect. With 24/7 live chat, we got answer within a few seconds, that is, if we couldn’t find what I was look for in their extensive blog and also FAQs.

Military-Grade Encryption

CyberGhost also uses AES-256, which is in the  current industry standard when it comes for encryption. Whenever we connected to the network, we got an anonymous IP address that we connected with other CyberGhost users on the same server. Combined with encryption, we also felt confident that our identities were hidden when we using CyberGhost to browse the Internet.

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