Career opportunities in Graphic Design and 10 High Salary Paying Jobs in Graphic Designing

High Salary Jobs in graphic designing

Computers and technologies related to computer and network have advanced a lot and are being used in almost every business industry. They are not only just helping people to complete the works quickly and efficiently but also are helping people to adapt to the new challenges. There are many career opportunities related to computers and networking and one of the most important is Graphic Designing.

The work of a graphic designer is mostly a combination of technology, communication, and art. It is mainly a craft in which professionals create visual content in order to communicate or engage with people. By using visual groupings, various page layouts, and pictures designers meet the need for interactive and engaging visuals. Graphic designers or professionals who provide the service of graphic designing are required in various projects associated with fields like marketing and finance, healthcare, advertising and publishing, and many more. So, before going into detail with the different jobs available in this field, let us first see what the work of a graphic designer is.

Functions of a Graphic Designer

As the word depicts, graphic designers design and create graphics such as logos of a company, websites, various games, clothes and for user manuals of different products. Graphic designers have a strong knowledge of combination of colors, construction of digital images, various fonts and all other artistic things that are available for use in order to provide a satisfactory and product oriented graphic design to the clients. They use design programs for creating the best graphic designs for their clients related to their products and services.

A good graphic designer has following skills in common:

  • Knowledge of different Computer-Aided Design platforms or software
  • Computerized Sketching
  • Creativity skills
  • Communication skills
  • A clear understanding of the target audience

Best 10 Career Opportunities and Handsome Salary Jobs in Graphic Designing

Apparel Graphic Designer

These professionals are mainly called by the clothing industry as they are the ones who design or create original images of different types of clothes. Their main function is to create an image with the apparel and attracting one. Images that we see on various clothing websites are created by these professionals. They not only create images of clothes or apparel but they also create images which ornaments and accessories. Apparel Graphic Designer is one of the best high-paying salary jobs in graphic designing.

Image Editor

These designers use color correctly and also combine real images in order to provide a final image. This job can be very simple like increasing or decreasing the contrast of an image and sometimes are very tough where changing colors of dresses, changing daytime to moonlight or adding company logos or hallmarks to the image. This is not a proper graphic design career but for being an image editor one needs to know the functioning of various editing software which are covered in graphic design. Image editors can use many Free and paid Best Graphic Designing Software Available Online to edit Images and videos to get marvelous designs.

Website Designer

These designers take care of the designing part of websites. They help companies, bloggers, and writers, service providers in creating their websites through which they can connect with their customers and provide their services. Everything one sees on a website all are created by website designers. Besides designing skills these designers also have the knowledge of coding because of which they create and design websites single-handedly. Website designer the most useful designation in development and companies are willing to pay a handsome salary to a website designer. Website designing is the most important work in web development and this is one of the best high salary jobs in graphic designing.

Advertising Designer

These designers are hired by companies for creating wonderful advertisements for engaging customers with their products. They use their knowledge of graphic design, image editing to create various ads. Images that we see in the ads are created either by sketching or by the use of CAD platforms. For getting a job as an advertising designer a professional needs to have good designing as well as marketing skills.

Publication Designer

Printed publications which we are offered to read are created by these professionals. They use their graphic designing skills in selecting the layout, color, and images for a publication. Annual reports of a company, books, research papers, brochures, and even the menu cards of restaurants are created by these designers. They take more than 75,000 dollars annually because of the variety of services they offer.

Logo Designer

They are the ones are responsible for the different signs and symbols of a company or product. These designers use their knowledge and research for designing graphics or symbols for a company or even for a product. They use different colors and fonts in those symbols so that they can represent the product or the company in the best way to a certain or targeted audience. They also have the knowledge of other logos and symbols present so that they can create a new logo without any kind of copyright infringement of others. there are many free and paid logo maker apps and software for logo designing in the market and a logo designer can make their logos to help that all apps and tools.

Package Designer

The packages in which companies pack their products or the sachets in which many food companies pack their food are designed by these designers. The first and the foremost job of these packages is to protect the product from getting damaged and second it is used by the companies to provide important information regarding their products to the customers. These designers use different computer-aided design platforms to create a new and attractive design for the packages.

Art Director

this is an executive position of a company that requires experience in dealing with design teams. An art director can work in different industries like fashion, television, and consumer products, etc. they are either hired by the companies as a freelancer or even as a permanent member.

User Interface and Experience Designer

these designers are mainly responsible for the websites, links, ads, or any other interface that is properly functioning and is good for customers like it is easy for them to use or interact. These professionals have designing as well as coding skills too which is why they can create, design, and provide services for their proper functioning themselves.

Multimedia Designer

Multimedia Designer is an important vacancy to every web designing company and this one is the most higher salary paying job in graphic designing. The Animated videos or images with wonderful music running in the background present in various websites are created by these multimedia designers. Many companies use these designers for creating animated ads for their products. These professionals are responsible for the ad background; story, character sketching, or in other words, they are responsible for everything present in animation work.

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