Big Mac and enterprise: what makes macOS a business-friendly platform?

MacOS Business-friendly Platform

Traditionally, when you wanted to get something done at work, you chose a Windows PC for the task. However, over the years, the adoption of the Mac has grown to such an extent that, according to a survey mentioned by Computerworld, 55% of businesses now use – or allow the use of – Macs.

The most obvious difference between Windows PCs and Macs is the operating system – but why have more and more workers started drifting to macOS, which runs as standard on Apple desktops and laptops?

Reasons behind MacOS is a Business-friendly Platform

Ease of use

Installing a Windows update can feel like something of a lottery; we probably all remember Windows Vista and Windows 8, both of which attracted headlines for the wrong reasons. However, changes Apple makes to macOS tend to be a lot more subtle – and this translates into a consistently intuitive user experience.

It also helps that Apple is responsible for both the hardware and software of Macs, meaning that Apple can carefully design its hardware to accentuate the software’s strengths – and vice versa.

Low maintenance

Macs undoubtedly incur a higher upfront cost, on the whole, than Windows PCs. According to figures posted by Business News Daily, while the average cost of a PC is in the $400-500 range, the average cost of a Mac is $1,500. However, in the long term, Macs are fabulously low-maintenance.

Therefore, once you have invested in a batch of Macs, you could save your company a surprisingly large amount of money on ongoing technical support.

A more prestigious image

You might like to think that the image fostered by the devices your workforce uses doesn’t really factor into your company’s results. In reality, though, this might not quite be true.

With their responsive keyboards and trackpads and sumptuous enclosures, Mac hardware is undoubtedly luxurious in design – and this approach extends to the macOS interface itself. For this reason, you could more easily impress clients or investors simply by giving your workers machines that run macOS.

Popular with design professionals

If you run a business in a creative field, such as design, you should keep in mind that macOS is the operating system often deemed the industry standard.

Digital graphic design essentially originated on Macs, as did Photoshop itself. For reasons like these, many designers are already thoroughly accustomed to using Macs to do design work and wouldn’t have it any other way, so you could end up struggling if you try to switch them to Windows.

The platform is generally lauded for its security 

It’s a well-known fact that macOS doesn’t tend to attract as many hackers as Windows simply because far fewer people use the former.

Furthermore, Ray Walsh of the advocacy group ProPrivacy tells Digital Trends that, security-wise, “Apple can be credited with an advantage due to its tighter control over the hardware that runs macOS”.

Through installing a wide range of cybersecurity solutions from a company like Wandera, you can even further secure macOS and, in doing so, your company against such online threats as hacking, phishing, and man-in-the-middle attacks.

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