Apple: Leak with LeBron James A Publicity Stunt?

LeBron James

LeBron James fires up the rumor mill about Beats Studio Buds. The basketball superstar has published several photos on Instagram that show him with the previously unpublished headphones. Breakdown or clever advertising move from Apple?

Hardly any other company is as secretive as Apple. The cult manufacturer takes action against spies in its own ranks and supply chains so that new iPhones, Apple Watches and Co. are really a surprise on the day of the official launch. The fact that basketball superstar LeBron James can be frivolously photographed with previously unpublished Beats headphones does not fit into the picture.

Basketball Superstar LeBron James Seen with Beats Studio Buds

The Los Angeles Lakers player has published a total of four photos on his Instagram account with the descriptive name “kingjames” showing him leaving a hall. On closer inspection, according to 9to5Mac, however, it becomes apparent that James is wearing headphones from Beats that have not been released before. This is supposed to be the Beats Studio Buds, which has been speculated about in the rumor mill for some time. The fact that Apple is working on new Beats headphones was already evident in iOS 14.6. According to 9to5Mac, the earphones should have a wireless charging case, listen to the voice command “Hey Siri” and automatically connect to Apple devices can. Also, active noise cancellation (ANC) should be one of the parties.

The professional design of the photos does not suggest that it was an oversight. The headphones can be seen in every single recording without being too much in the spotlight. It is more likely that Apple hired LeBron James as an advertising medium in order to stir the drum in the run-up to the performance.

When Will Apple Introduce the New Beats Headphones?

It is not yet known when Apple will drop the cases and officially introduce the Beats Studio Buds. The next event for the iPhone manufacturer is WWDC 2021. Traditionally, everything revolves around software at the developer fair, but the hardware could also play a major role this year. Among other things, a new MacBook Pro is expected.

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