Tik-Tokers Beware of This New Warning from TikTok

Tiktok and Tesla

TikTok no longer wants to sit and watch the misery: After more and more videos have surfaced in which Tesla drivers exaggerate, they now want to warn against such videos. Anyone who continues to publish dangerous driving maneuvers on TikTok will be marked accordingly.

TikTok: Warning of Dangerous Tesla Drivers

At TikTok, videos can be seen more and more frequently, in which the drivers of a Tesla rely on dangerous maneuvers. Instead of simply removing the videos, however, the decision was made to take a slightly less drastic step. Corresponding videos should be marked with immediate effect. The marking can be seen at the bottom for the duration of the video. Here it says in concrete terms: “The actions in this video can lead to serious injuries.”

The background to this is a TikTok trend in which Tesla drivers drive without a hand on the steering wheel – sometimes at very high speeds. The driver assistance of the electric car is completely trusted. According to the guidelines of the social network, “dangerous games, tests of courage or stunts” are not allowed to be published on the platform.

Apparently, according to a report, it has now been decided that the improper use of vehicles is also not allowed. However, the videos can still be seen and so far not all have been provided with the warning notice mentioned.

Tesla: Fatal Accident with Autopilot?

Most recently, a report caused a sensation that the Tesla autopilot can easily be tricked. Here it should be enough to attach a metal chain with a weight to the steering wheel. A related investigation was conducted after a Tesla driver died. However, Tesla is of the opinion that the autopilot was not activated at all.

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