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13 Best 4k Video Player for Windows 10

Best 4k Video Player for Windows 10

Are you still searching for the Best 4k video player for windows 10? There was enormous best 4k video player software for windows 10 and you might have experienced obviously in your life. Moreover, the fact is that, which and when should be used is bringing the importance. You might have seen, the bit ratio of the computer that you were buying will be different.

We do love to watch movies whatever it comes to the cinemas and if we can’t we have many alternative options. The technology is making so amazing invention for the user experience much better daily. Likewise, we have got Streaming sites to watch Live TV and for that, we have amazing free video downloading software available. With the support of a 4k hdr player for windows 10 that can be done with so comprehensive manner.

13 Best 4k Media Player for Windows 10

Best 4k Media Player for Windows 10
  1. 5K Player
  2. VLC Media Player
  3. PowerDVD Ultra 19
  4. Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player
  5. CNX Player
  6. KMPlayer
  7. Window Media player
  8. MPC-HC
  9. DivX Player
  10. PowerDVD 20
  11. DVDFab Player 5
  12. UFUShare
  13. Plex media player

5K Player

Of Course, you will love with the amazing experience of 5K player is still rating as one of the no.1 windows 10 4k video player. You can easily able to switch to YouTube and with Airplay using this. 1080P HD video can be viewable in the perfect manner for 32bit and for 64-bit Windows 10.

VLC Media Player

You want to download or want to watch live videos or movies at light second loading. This is highly appreciated and still tons and millions are users rating 5/5 rating for 4k media player for PC. Every subtitle action and High-quality video experience will be so much amazing to watch on this. Furthermore, it supports 8K playback at the most obvious. VLC 4k player for windows 10 can be downloaded free and in minutes you can experience it on the computer.

PowerDVD Ultra 19

You got 50 Inch screen or 30 Inch screen doesn’t matter what you’re connected. The most interesting fact on PowerDVD 19 is that it fully backs virtual reality as well as 360-degree video. Well, as per my experience I can easily say, it is the best 4k movies player for windows 10. PowerDVD Ultra 19 is highly supporting YouTube and Vimeo videos in the best manner.

Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player

I do recommend this player much for experiencing a 4k video player for the computer. As it is highly supporting the basic format of WebM, MOV, AVI, MKV, FLV as well as MP4. Obviously, it is a highly suggested media player on your Windows 10.  This video player helps to play Blu-ray format contents without any errors as well.

CNX Player

CNX player – most of the window users not highly heard about this one. Obviously, it is a 4K player and it is highly recommended and cnx media player for windows 10 is highly appreciated. Furthermore, this player support AVI, MKV, WebM, MP4, ASF, XVID, TS, WMV, and even more. Video scaling and the video format aspect ratio is high esteemed by tons of users who are still experiencing it.


Like as above said, KMPlayer making its own unique identity among the 4k video player for PC. By finding the best user experience 4K playing action is highly appreciating in the supported players. As per my experience, 3D movie trailers, as well as Discovery 3D World shows and all, will be the biggest experience on this KMPlayer.

Window Media player

Not only just a single player can come in front of this, as it is the most advanced 4k hdr player for PC. Windows Media Player carries the experience to music from as well as to copy music to compact discs, even it is highly appreciated for burn recordable discs. A 4K player which is a highly upgraded version before the invention of high compact laptops to the market. Groove Music, as well as Microsoft Movies, are highly recommending by using this.


Media Player Classic is the best 4k media player for 32 bit and 64-bit windows. In order to experience 4k media player for windows 10, MPC-HC has launched. This supports all kind of video formats which is available on Windows 10 computer that we using. Furthermore, its action will be simple and the interface has been built with easy. Even Media Player Classic HC is 100% supportive of spyware. 

DivX Player

This player has the same format of iTunes in a single look with more advanced feature supports. Well, it is a good choice if you find the best 4k media player for windows 10. No need to get worried about spyware and even its ads-free platform. Users are highly appreciating DivX player not only on Windows 10 but also in the downgraded version of Windows7/8 as well. It supports in precise and agile view including video thumbnails.

PowerDVD 20

I want to experience a Home theatre setup and need to connect a 4k video player for it. PowerDVD 20 will be the ideal choice. The 360 degrees online video experience is highly applicable to this media player. Even though, it prolongs the assistance towards VR headsets as well. Basically, it is free of cost for downloading and the interface is built with easy to handle.

DVDFab Player 5

DVDFab Player 5 is bringing the era of 4K player to the best experience. Most of the users are experiencing not only on Windows computers, but it also opts-in Mac OS computers as well. More than the 4K videos this highly supporting the feature of UHD and HEVC videos as well. Likewise, users have many supportive formats are available while using DVDFab Player 5.


This is a most compatible Blu ray player like Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player. Highly comprehending with opting best hdr video player windows 10. Even though, UFUShare developed with the rich tool is extremely more comfortable to use. The subtitle action and even the 1080P/720P Blue-ray disc facility is highly managed with this. 

Plex Media Player

Plex media player is getting the most unique video player which is not just a media player. Even though like windows media player 4k, this media player is getting suggestions all over the world. Truly cross-platform and even users can able to scale to any resolution.  A massively familiar open-source design with excellent community support and supports on MPV, WMV, and even many more.


You might be able to understand which all are the best 4k video player for windows 10 as per the info. Next is your choice of finding which media player comforts your computer to experience a 4K quality video experience. 

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