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What does mean by Third-Party Apps and Best Alternative Third-Party Apps Stores for iOS and Android Users

Best Alternative to Third-party Apps Stores for iOS And Android Users

In the present modern world, we have things at our fingertips that were inaccessible a decade before. This has happened because of the new generation of handheld devices which we call smartphones. It’s because of these smartphones that the world today has become a global village. People from different parts of the world are connected to others sharing their cultures, businesses without facing the problem of boundaries. we are discussing here Best Alternative Third-Party Apps Stores for iOS and Android Users.

Smart phones today which we use are of two types one is of iOS operating system and the other is Android. Both of them use different kinds of applications for their functioning. It is because of the numerous applications that are available in these platforms, makes them quite useful devices to have. People can easily book products and services they need from their smart phones sitting in their homes.

There are two most popular application stores in our smart phones which we use to download or recharge applications which we need or to recharge our subscriptions. One is Apple Store for iOS and Google Play Store for android smart phones. These two provide us with numerous applications for free download in our smart phones. Even for an application owner it is easy to launch his or her application in these two platforms because these two are the most popular one.

But there comes a difficulty the application owner has to compete against millions and millions of applications present in the two platforms which makes it a bit hard for him or her to get the recognition. Many applications that promised to provide better products and services have already got rejected because of the competition on these two platforms. The solution for the application owners is to go for the other third-party application stores present on the internet for their launch. The first question that comes to mind about the third-party applications is whether they are capable enough to provide a database for the applications and other services that are available in Apple iOS and Google Play stores.

What does mean by Third-Party Apps?

Third-party apps store is a software application that was made by someone( a Company or an individual Person) other than the original manufacturer or the owner of that particular Mobile Device and operating system. for example if we are using an iOS device than there are their own Mail or Music apps but if someone created a third party Music and Mail apps with many advance features. I hope you understand very well about the third-party apps.

Benefits of going for Third-Party Applications:

  • The third-party applications rarely charge developers the application listing fees and can promote the new applications in a better way than Apple iOS and Google Play stores by listing them as app of the day and can provide multiple discounts in the promotion.
  • The alternative app stores are beneficial if an application is for a local business or target a certain country against the Google or Apple stores. 
  • These alternative stores can provide the recommended app list to the new applications which are quite impossible in iOS app and Android app stores.
  • Third-party apps having more features comparing to the original operator of the Mobile devices and operating system.
  • There are more options and free apps with more features with benefits in third-party apps

These are the few most important benefits that an application developer can think of if he or she is trying to launch an application in Google and Apple stores. These benefits and services can never be overlooked because they can provide a number of opportunities for the new applications to grow and get recognition in this competitive world. let’s talk about Best Alternative Third-Party Apps Stores for iOS and Android Users.

10 Alternative Third-party Apps Stores for iOS and Android Users

The Internet has a number of third-party applications present which allow us to download free applications for use, but it is very important for us to know which one of them is reliable and genuine enough for use. So here is a list of top 10 Android and Apple stores which are reliable and also charge very less application listing fee and provide ample opportunities for promotion of application than Apple and Android stores:

Best Alternative Third-party Apps Stores for iOS Users

Tutu App

TuTu App provides a platform to the user which is being used by three hundred million users in multiple languages. This store has a very easy submission or listing process and also allows different payment processes.


GetJar is a Third-party apps store for iOS users, this store is founded by Ilja Laurs in the year of 2004. This is an independent platform developed for beta testing of applications. There are more than Eight hundred and fifty thousand applications present on this platform which shows the kind of business they are doing.


Appland is third in this list and is also an iOS application store, and it is best for developers developing applications that need a targeted audience in countries like Indonesia, Mexico, Malaysia, Oman, etc. this store lag a bit in its revenue model, but it has wonderful support which makes it worthy enough for developers to take it in consideration. makes it fourth to the list in iOS stores, with fifteen thousand or even more daily users. This store provides the liberty to iOS users to download the old games which are not available in the Apple store. This store was founded in the year 2013, which provides the best account services and also customer support that never lags behind.


AppValley iOS app Store is called the best alternative for the Apple store because it provides free and unofficial content to iOS users, which is not available in the Apple store which is available in our iOS smartphones.

Best Alternative Third-party Apps Stores for Android Users


Slideme is a US-based mobile app which is formed in the year of 2008. This application can help developers to get their targeted audiences in certain countries. The security policy used in the Google Play store is very good and the same kinds of securities are taken care of in SlideMe.

Amazon App Store

Amazon App Store is one genuine app store that is available on the internet for android users. Firstly it was an e-commerce store, later it started provided application store service. Reliability is not a question for Amazon.


1Mobile is third on the list of Android users. This application provides a free marketplace to the developers and also a beta testing platform. Before listing an application, any application has to go through security tests.


AppBrain is the fourth and Best Third-Party Apps Store on the list for Android users. This application store was formed in the year of 2009 and is made in collaboration with a Zurich-based company. This store has got 100 million-plus active users right and more than 2 million installs every day which shows the vast platform a developer will get for launching an application.


Aptoide is one of the best Alternatives to third-party apps store for Android users. Aptoide can be said the oldest application store that started publishing applications by giving them star ratings. This helped people to see the reviews and ratings given by other users who have already used the app.

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