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Best Free Premium Audio Player Apps for Android

Best Free Premium Audio Player Apps for Android

I know, many people, including me, have not been able to shift to the streaming platforms like Apple Music or Spotify. Many people out there do not like the hassle of constant data usage and subscriptions. To be honest, personally, I’m not very comfortable with the streaming quality. If you’re reading this, you might be one of us as well. And yeah I know the struggle.

Let me guess. You like your own collection of music that you have curated over the years. You’re looking for an app to have a taste in their best possible quality. If you’re wondering which is the best music player apps for android devices, congratulations! You’re at the right place. Here’s a list of the best free audio player apps for android available right now. So scroll on and find the best one for you.

Best Free Premium Music/Audio Player for Android Smartphones in 2021

1. Music Player Go

Music Player Go is an open-source local music player. Music Player Go is based on Kotlin, and since it is regularly updated by the creator, it works well with Android 10 and 11’s kitted storage. Music Player Go is available for download through F-Droid, an open-source Android app store, or straight from GitHub.

Music Player Go has all the features you’d expect from a standalone music player. It includes easy queue and playlist management and a favorites playlist. It also features an accurate volume control that’s independent of the device settings. It also has support for dark and light themes in a range of color palettes. As an added feature, it also has the flexibility to disable albums and folders containing songs and audio you don’t want in your shuffle.

2. Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp is as potent as its name implies. It can import HTTP broadcasts from services like Digitally Imported, as well as play a variety of local audio file formats. It supports Android Auto, Google Chromecast, and Google Assistant. Audiophiles can also tweak the frequencies using a user-friendly equalization. There’s even Direct Volume Control (DVC) for a wider dynamic range and richer low-ends.

It comes pre-loaded with numerous animated visuals. They either show over the interface or take over your screen as an ambient display. It can come in clutch if you’re throwing a party for you and your friends. It has a 15-day free trial to test it out and see what it is capable of, before committing to the $5 price tag.

3. Omnia Music player

It might appear to be a bit dull and flat o the first glance, but oh boy it is just an illusion. It’s actually a full-featured music player with a strong focus on music playback. Omnia has all of the expected capabilities, such as lossless audio support and smart playlists. It also supports playback of a variety of unusual file formats. It works with Google Cast and Android Auto too. 

Omnia has a great Material Design layout. But if you want anything more than dark and light settings, you’ll have to shell out a pretty decent $2.99. A 10-band equalization, 15 presets, and a Freeverb-powered reverb panel are all included in the one-time fee.

4. VLC for Android

VLC for Android is loved by purists because of its dependable simplicity and abundance of features. Those expecting a great UI or animations will be disappointed. There isn’t much, but a very basic, no-nonsense music-playing experience. You may add video in your music playback, which is an added benefit.

VLC for Android is a comprehensive audio player that supports a wide range of video and audio formats, including MKV, MP4, FLAC, and OGG. Internet streams, DVD ISOs, and disk sharing are all available. Multi-track audio and subtitles are also supported. The app’s gesture control is fairly sensitive, which is not particularly an issue to consider.


AIMP supports a variety of music file formats, including FLAC, MP3, MP4, and others. You’ll also get access to a variety of customization choices, such as theming and other fun stuff. Navigating through the app or listening to music has zero hassle as it has a basic user interface. With a nice Material Design UI, it keeps things simple. 

It has superb equalization, and support for HTTP live to stream. It’s a significant improvement over most simple music player applications. If you want, there is also a desktop version available.

6. Simple Music Player

Simple Music Player retains all of the functionality of a more powerful music player. It has playlists, an equalization with a few presets, color customization, and even a playback widget. There’s also a helpful search tool for finding what you want quickly. Any new music track you download is automatically put in the queue. 

Simple Music Player offers no adverts and requires the fewest permissions of all the applications reviewed here. However, because Google Cast isn’t supported, you’ll have to find another way to stream music to a nearby smart speaker.

7. Musicolet

Musicolet has a great UI, however, it may feel a little cluttered at times. Also, isn’t as configurable as some of the other applications on this list. It contains queues that are simple to form. A batch editor for altering tags and album art is available for individuals with extremely large music libraries.

Musicolet also offers everything you need for playing, including integrated lyrics, crossfading, sleep timers, and shortcuts to your favorite artists and playlists. It also supports Android Auto. You can choose between the light or dark theme as the default color scheme. There’s also a backup and restore tool which might come in handy.

Bottom Line

So these were the best audio player apps for android phones available right now to get your audio playback right. Whatever might your needs or preferences be, I bet you’ll find the best one for you from the list. Some of the above-mentioned options are indeed paid, but there are many free alternatives as well. So, turn up the volume and vibe to your favorite melodies with the best audio player apps for android mobiles. Happy listening!

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