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Let’s Keep an Eye on Your Competitors! 5 Amazing Tools Inside

Amazing Tools for Competitors Analysis

No matter what the industry is, a business is always surrounded by competitors. From a humble eatery to huge manufacturing concerns – there is no firm spared from the cons of its contenders. But contradictory to what you may think, having a competitor isn’t always that bad.

Rather, if you look into it deeply, it’s your competitors only who strive you to do better – be it in life or in business. It is even believed that a higher number of competitors reflects just how successful the business actually is.

And if you keep an eye on your fellow competitors at each and every step, you will be shocked to find out just how many hidden benefits it has in store for your business. No wonder why people have started taking the study of competitive intelligence seriously. In fact, 90% of Fortune 500 companies are believed to practice competitive intelligence!

So, we suggest even you should start taking measures to keep an eye on your competitors. While Stillio is one of the best picks, there are a few other tools also, to help you with this.

Here are 5 Amazing Tools for Competitors Analysis

1. Google Alerts

When was the last time you came across something from Google Inc. that was anything short of spectacular? Let us guess – never! Google Alerts is yet another masterpiece from Google Inc. that is here to make this thing called business easy for you. This tool proves to be really helpful when it comes to keeping a track of your competitors.

All you need to do is set up the app and done – you will receive personalized notifications whenever your competitor’s business is mentioned online.

This enables you to find out your competitor’s most-searched keywords, which proves to be of significance when you are targeting keywords for your business. Easy to use and free of cost, this tool is one of the best and most trusted, for obvious reasons.


Keeping an eye on your competitors can be a fun activity too – this tool is here to prove you so. Making it to number two on our list, is a tool that is popular for all the right reasons. is a very impressive tool, let us tell you why.

This too allows you to get into any website and convert it into structured API within moments, and that too without having to type any complex codes! So, even if you want to tap out the details of the pricing data of your contenders, you can do that very easily. How cool is that!

3. Social Mention

Social Mention, as the name suggests, is a highly useful tool for tracking the online activities of competitors. It allows you to find out the social media mentions of your competitors.

Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter, if your competitor’s name or targeted keywords are mentioned there, you will get a pop of notification alerting you of this. What better and easy way than tracking the social media engagements of your competitors?

4. Topsy

The importance of social media engagements can never be taken lightly, especially in this era. Topsy is yet another tool that helps you in tracking what your competitor is up to, especially on Twitter.

Whether it comes to seeing the number of tweets, retweets, mentions, or anything else – Topsy will fetch you the deets, even the very, very historical ones. This helps you in getting very important information regarding your competitor’s social media graphs. Mind-blowing, right?

5. Google Keyword Planner

Last but never least, here’s presenting yet another bomb from Google! If your keywords are targeted strategically, your business will be benefited largely. And we all know how in this aspect, finding out about your competitor’s keyword strategy is important.

So, Google Keyword Planner does exactly this for you. From acknowledging their most-used and targeted keywords to their long-tail keywords, this free tool gets all the necessary information for you, at the ease of a few clicks. However, to use this service by Google, you will compulsorily need a free AdWords account.


Keeping an eye on your competitor’s whereabouts is important, no matter how profitable your business is running, at the moment. In the long run, each and every business needs to gather details of their competitors, because that forms a huge part of the overall industry research.

Here, we listed 5 amazing tools to help you with tracking your competitor’s activities. Read this guide and find out the most suitable tool for your business, as per its requirement.

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