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5 Ways to Go From a Just Launched Ecommerce Website to a Recognizable Brand

Best Ways to Launched Ecommerce Website

The eCommerce industry is not a tame world for newcomers but a competitive and congested space. In 2018 alone, eCommerce sales grew by an impressive 23%, and it was projected that the total value of eCommerce sales would hit an incredible $4.13 trillion mark in 2020.

The projection was correct and due to the viral outbreak, even more people started buying everything they could online.

So, what does that tell you? That marketing and proper branding have become more important than ever. Managing to be different from the rest is the only way to win the eCommerce game, so take a look below at some proven tips for branding your eCommerce business.

Take a Multi-Platform Approach

It is vital that your eCommerce website design is a strong representation of your brand. Therefore, it needs to implement all your branding elements, including your color palette, brand voice, as well as brand fonts.

However, if you want success with your eCommerce business, your customers need to receive a consistent experience with your business wherever they encounter it.

When building your brand strategy, it is vital to think about the way you are going to brand across different platforms:

  • Think about your website.
  • Implement a consistent strategy across all social media platforms.
  • Your ads need to be aligned with the overall design too.
  • Newsletter and email messages should follow the same design.
  • Finally, consider press and brand partnerships.

For instance, if you are using a tech-oriented brand voice on your website, that voice should come across in all your marketing efforts (emails, social media pages, newsletter messages, etc.).

You need to have a consistent thread that flows from your website to your other brand touchpoints.

And if you need help with your marketing efforts, especially on social media, it would also be wise to invest in reliable social media management software. This type of software can help with automation, automatic post scheduling, and various other dull tasks that usually require time and effort that can be better spent otherwise.

Create and Stick to Your Brand Story

A business brand story is a narrative that describes what your eCommerce business is all about. It should tell people about your mission, goals, core values, and vision. What’s even more important, your business story should allow a customer to connect to the purpose behind your products.

Think about it, the very best companies in the world always have great stories behind them. These stories usually instill a sense of bigger purpose and meaning into what these businesses do.

Just take Apple or Tesla as an example. These brands have become legacy brands because their owners always aspired to change the world.

Of course, this is not to say that you have to change the world, but you should remember and articulate why you decided to start the business. Communicate why doing business with your company provides additional value aside from the actual products or services.

Manage to tell a compelling story and you will transform your newly-established business into a significant industry player in no time. Just remember to be realistic and honest with the whole story.

Personalize the Customer Experience

Creating a brand image and a name for your whole organization usually doesn’t involve customer service at first thought. But there’s no doubt that offering a unique and personalized customer experience can go a long way in establishing your brand.

Truthfully, a customer is more likely to do business with a company that provides a personalized experience when compared to the ones that don’t.

Think about how you can personalize the customer experience as you start developing your brand. Try to personalize the experience in a way that aligns with your mission, goals, and overall business identity.

Many business giants recommend using branded packaging experiences to create memorable unboxing. This does not only offer a positive first impression but also potentially increases the number of shares on social media.

After all, when you receive a package from your favorite store, you most likely share a snap of the package on Instagram or Facebook. Such an action can only create a buzz about a business, which is always good.

Create Top-notch Product Copy and Product Images

Creating unique content, great product images, and great product descriptions should be a must for your business. This tip is not a groundbreaking revelation, but many entrepreneurs still don’t recognize how important it is.

For instance, product images in an eCommerce environment are very important. Since buyers have no way to actually see or touch a product, it should be your duty to provide them with as many details and images as possible.

That is the only way to give customers enough confidence to purchase a product. So, take multiple shots of the product, allow zooming, and provide them with 360-degree rotations (if possible).

Also, accompany great photos with accurate textual content about the product. A professional copywriter should be able to write product descriptions for you that will make customers believe they can’t go on without your products.

Keep in mind that you should never copy the manufacturer’s description completely, as doing so paves the way to failure.

Top-notch images and compelling descriptions can work wonders for your sales and increased sales will skyrocket your business to success. Don’t forget that.

Show off Social Proof

People will feel glad to know that their peers have bought products from your website and they have recommended the experience. This is called social proof and it works way better than some forms of paid advertising. It would be wise to display social proof on your website if you want to improve your checkout conversion rates.

Ensure that you show off your customer reviews, Facebook shares, likes, or recommendations. You could also display alerts at the bottom of your page when a purchase is made, or a calculator to highlight how many people have bought a product in the last months.

Think of it as the online version of a sales agent telling a customer that a certain product is very popular and that many people are buying it.

People will much rather trust other people than expensive ads, billboards, and influencers. An average Joe knows that an influencer got paid for various promotions, and he is also aware that companies pump thousands and thousands of dollars into ads.

That is why average customers would more likely trust another person similar to them than anyone else.

Final words

Are you ready to get out there and build a strong name for your business?

Keep in mind that this can be a difficult task, but it is well worth the trouble. After all, if you start lagging behind your rivals, you will soon face problems that can lead to a complete business failure.

So, take another good look at this guide and try to implement as much as possible from it to boost your chances of taking your business to the stars.

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