Cordless impact wrench: Definition and field of application

Cordless impact wrench

Impact wrenches are an essential tool for any mechanic, electrician and construction worker. It is a power tool that can screw and unscrew lug nuts from cars or fastening bolts from construction projects. You can even use an impact wrench for an at-home DIY project instead of spending money on hiring a specialist.

An impact wrench is known for its high torque produced at a low speed through a hammer-like action. You can use an impact wrench powered by either air or batteries. A cordless impact wrench is a perfect addition to your toolkit and far easier to use.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing an impact wrench. 


The high torque is one of the standout features of an impact wrench. The torque is created by the hammering mechanism, which produces solid and fast blows. You can usually choose how high you want to set the torque in your device, depending on the project you’re working on. 


Professional tradespeople typically go for air-powered impact wrenches. Compared to a battery-operated device, an air supply powered wrench is less likely to run out halfway through a job. A pneumatic right-angle impact wrench is also more ergonomic and easier to use. It’s best to invest in a product that is comfortable to use to prevent injury or strains from awkwardly handling it. 

The higher the intensity and amperage per hour of the device, the more powerful it is. You can also buy corded impact wrenches that need to be charged regularly. If you opt for this style, make sure to charge it before you start work so you can operate more efficiently. 

Learn how to use it

An impact wrench is a powerful device, and if misused, it can injure you or damage your project. For example, when loosening lug nuts with the device – you should be cautious about over-torquing them. This can stretch and rip the threads in the item. 

Read the instruction manual before using the device to make sure you are operating it safely. Always store your wrench in a dry location after cleaning any dirt and dust off it. 

Quality over affordability

Power tools are expensive. However, they are more expensive when you have to keep replacing them because cheaper models are sometimes damaged or poor-quality. Invest in a higher-quality device that will withstand your project and workload. 

What can you use it for?

You can use an impact wrench for a variety of fields. Electricians, plumbers, plasterers, carpenters and metal workers would benefit from this tool in their collection. 

Make sure to do your research before spending money on a new impact wrench. Evaluate whether it will make your work easier and more efficient and choose the appropriate model for you.

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