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How to create pins on Pinterest on Best Ways

How to create Pins on Pinterest

Do you know what the real strength of Pinterest is? Bring traffic to your website. There are many sectors in which Google Analytics records good percentages of organic traffic starting from Pinterest, the social of ideas, creativity, and solutions.

Loved for its highly appealing and particularly useful content, Pinterest is a sort of virtual bulletin board where you can pin (or pin) your notes (or pins). And it is no coincidence that the social network has the name of Pinterest, from a collapse between the English terms to pin, or pin, and interest, or interests.

You will understand how this continuous flow of ideas is an excellent flow in which to insert your pins, show your brand, bring traffic to your website, tell your story, show the uses and uses of your products, and remember special events.

If you have any doubts, find out how it works and how to use Pinterest otherwise you just have to learn how to manage it and create the perfect pin.

6 tips to create the perfect pin

How to create the perfect pin? Note – it is appropriate to say – these 6 tips.

The perfect pin has Quality

The first rule is quality. Images must be attractive and engaging, in order to conquer people’s curiosity and interest. To do this they must be of high quality and must comply with the dimensions required by Pinterest, i.e. 600px x 900px. Yes, the pins develop vertically.

The extra advice? Focus your attention on a single, clear focal center. Eliminate distractions and focus on what you want to communicate.

The perfect pin takes advantage of Persuasive Copywriting

The images of your pins must always be accompanied by an attractive, engaging and empathetic description of the product or service represented in the image.

Taking advantage of the levers and teachings of Persuasive Copywriting is very important to write a caption capable of capturing people with the right words.

The perfect pin is SEO optimized

The perfect pin must be optimized in SEO. This means that it must be written taking into account the keywords of your interest because these will allow you to position yourself on Google.

Because yes, the pins are contained indexed in the SERP of the search engines. This is also why it is very important to add the link to the page of the website of your interest to your pin. And of interest to the user.

The perfect pin is useful

In order for a pin to retain users, to be pinned, considered and to encourage clicks to the website you have linked, it must contain useful content for the user.

It can be information, ideas, advice, discounts, statistics, what matters is that you have first considered what can be of value to your user. And just for him.

The perfect pin has a good title and an effective CTA

The pin is a sort of short blog post, complete with image, title, description, and Call to Action. All these elements together make your pin successful.

How to write a good title for content on Pinterest? It must be short and clear, it must be incisive, it must be empathetic, it must intrigue and it must summarize the message you want to communicate to the user.

What does a Call to Action have to be to actually induce you to take the desired action? It must be clear, of few words and very incisive. He must communicate to the user what he has to do and he must do it clearly and punctually, even better if with a pinch of creativity.

The perfect pin is an integral part of a theme

On your Pinterest board, you can organize your pins in thematic boards, or you can collect all the pins pertaining to that topic in one place. That’s why, before posting a pin, you must have a clear understanding of the organization of your bulletin boards, the contents, and the objectives of each one.

The single pin is an integral part of its thematic bulletin board, which you can imagine as a sort of storyboard. In short, to create the perfect pin you have to plan, as healthy and effective management of each Social Network requires.


Have you activated your Pinterest account? It’s very simple and you can do it in a few simple steps directly from the home page or like create an app like uber. If you prefer you can also register with your Facebook account or with Google otherwise enter your email, password, age and proceed by clicking on the Continue button.

At this point, are you ready to pin the perfect pin? Pinterest is waiting for you.

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