iPhone 13: Apple Making The New Model Cheap?

iPhone 13 Apple Making The New Model Cheap

In just a few months, the iPhone 12 is threatened with the changing of the guard. For potential buyers, there is now another reason not to buy the current Apple mobile phone and maybe to grab the upcoming iPhone 13 right away. The understandable reason: Apple wants to make the cheaper variants more attractive.

For many, if not most, Apple users, the iPhone is now the only camera. Understandable, as the little “snaps” have improved enormously in recent years. Even features that were previously reserved for professional DSLR cameras can already be found in cell phones from Cupertino.

Apple generously: All models of the iPhone 13 receive improved image stabilization

An example is the optical image stabilization with sensor displacement, in which, in contrast to “normal” optical image stabilization, it is not the lens but the actual image sensor that is stabilized during the recording. So there are even better results in “shaky” moments. However, only buyers of the expensive iPhone 12 Pro Max are currently benefiting from this – this is set to change.

Industry insiders from DigiTimes report on Apple’s plans to roll out the above-mentioned professional image stabilization across the entire range of the iPhone 13. Means: All models will have this feature, including the much cheaper versions such as the “normal” iPhone 13 and the smaller iPhone 13 mini. Smartphone photographers can look forward to a massive improvement without having to dig into their pockets.

The rumor is nothing new, however, there were reports in this regard as early as January. On the other hand, they were thwarted by contrary information at the time. In the meantime, the previous assumptions seem to be confirmed and Apple’s plans to upgrade the affordable models of the iPhone 13 are considered more likely.

Pro Vs “Normal”: Future Differentiator

But if the normal iPhones get professional features now, how does Apple want to contribute to the differentiation in the future? Apart from the three-lens design, which will also be reserved for the Pro version in the future, Apple would like to delight Pro buyers with a very specific feature in 2021. In contrast to the “budget customers”, they are getting a smoother display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz for the first time. So far, Apple has only offered this kind of experience with the iPad Pro, while smartphone buyers with such demands on the screen have so far found what they are looking for with the Android competition.

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