iOS 15: Siri Understands Users Better!

iOS 15 Siri

Apple’s voice assistant on iPhone, iPad and Mac actually listens to your word, but there are cases where Siri closes its “ears”. With the following tip, we eliminate a common communication problem – works with both iOS and iPadOS on Apple’s tablet.

With the voice command “Hey Siri”, Apple’s voice assistant brings it to life and listens to requests and questions without any problems. Problem-free? But Siri doesn’t always really listen, namely when the iPhone or iPad with the display is on the table or when the screen is covered. Then Siri turns a deaf ear and ignores users. Why is this only?

iOS setting thing: Siri doesn’t always listen

This behavior is entirely intended by Apple, because if users put the iPhone and iPad “face down” on the table, double Hey-Siri calls are avoided, for example, if a HomePod is still in the room. In short: Not really a bug, more of a feature. Provided you know about it and don’t just find out the functionality by chance. But it should also situations give, in which one does not want, then Siri will always and at any time to listen. Is this even possible?

The Solution Lies In The Accessibility Features

We get out of the way leads again on accessibility. We can find it in the settings of iOS and iPad. At the point just mentioned, we scroll all the way down and get to the “special” Siri settings. Once there, we discover the option “Always watch out for” “Hey Siri”. Deactivated by default, we flick the switch without further ado. From now on, Siri always listens on iPhone and iPad, even if the screen is facing down or is covered.

As practically this could, for example, in emergencies prove if users and users are prevented not come more to the iPhone and yet would like to make an appeal for help by Siri by acclamation. If we activate the feature, we will be better prepared for such cases in the future.

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