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Best Alternatives to MangaStream

Many people do not know anything about Mangastream. What is Mangastream? Well, this article will help you know about MangaStream alternatives where you can stream manga. Everyone knows about comics, right? Still in this age, the popularity of comics is as high as in the past.  Almost everything in the entertainment industry has become either motion pictures or digital pictures. That is why comics also had to go through this transition and the transition was brought in by this great website.

What is MangaStream

MangaStream was a site for comic lovers. This was an online website where people used to manga stream or in other words read their favorite Japanese comics without having to pay money. It was a free service for all comic lovers. The website had been around for a decade, in that time it became the most popular internet-based site to read Japanese comics and gained a reputation of providing high-quality streaming of mangas free of cost.

Reasons behind Shut down of MangaStream

After ten years of release and gaining its reputation as the best comic reading platform with the help of free mangastream on the internet, now the site MangaStream is totally shut down. No one can access the site from any device or place. There was no official reason given by the officials of the website on why they are shutting down but every comic lover believes that the original creators or the real owners of the mangas created pressure on them to take down their website. The tweets from the official Twitter accounts of this website were also deleted after their shutdown. There is no information about whether the website will come back again or not.

You do not have to worry. Even if the website is no more, you will know about some of the best sites like MangaStream that were created for streaming manga free of cost. In other words, in the article, we are going to discuss some MangaStream replacement websites that are best to read Japanese comics in high quality free of cost. Now we are going to talk about some of the best alternatives to MangaStream.

Best Sites like MangaStream are following


MangaDex has now become one of the best and most popular MangaStream alternatives where people go for reading manga free online. This website does not just provide a lot of mangas but it also includes different versions of the manga so that the user can get the feeling f what they desire while reading their favorite mangas online. The different kind of versions includes the colored version, black and white version, the fan fiction ending versions and the official crossover manga comic. The amazing part about this free mangastream platform is that it has the mangas in 20 different languages which include Italian, German, and many more.


Another website that is being considered as one of the best alternatives to MangaStream for free comic streaming in MangaHere. With the never-ending growth of manga collections with over ten thousand mangas at present, you will be satisfied if you are addicted to reading mangas. The officials of the website keep on changing the URL of the website because of the popularity, it has gained in recent years. Due to this popularity, it has got many Digital Millennial Copyright Act cases or DMCA cases filed against itself. The scanned collection of mangas in MangaHere’s website mainly consists of Japanese mangas but it is also consists of a good amount of Hong Kong Manga, European Manga, Korean Manga, Chinese Manga, and many more.


A good alternative to Mangastream is TenManga site. There is a search tab provided where you can find the manga you want to read, this search tab makes it easier for you to find and read the manga you want to read. The large database of the site consists of mangas or comics of different genres so that the reader can read a comic according to their own taste depending on the genre of the manga. The site also has a special feature called “Surprise” which will suggest you different mangas in case you have no idea of what you want to read.


Another great alternate website for reading free manga. MangaFox has been one of the best alternatives. The website has the capability of quickly fulfilling the desire of reading mangas online. This website namely “MangaFox” has become so popular that there are tons of fake websites on the internet with that name. So when you try to find the MangaFox website always go for the top result in your google because that is the original. The best thing about this website is that it has a very user-friendly interface making it easier to handle.


This website has a very similar interface as the official website of the original website and this is what makes it one of the best alternatives to MangaStream. The site has a well-established collection of mangas that includes different genres, versions, and origins. The genres include romance, sci-fi, comedy, comedy-romance, horror, and many more types. The site gives you a feature to bookmark your favorite manga so that you don’t have to find the manga and just read it without any loss of time or maybe you were reading a manga already and could not complete it because of some work then you can use the bookmark feature so that you can easily get the manga without searching the next time you visit the website.


MangaEden is another website that has been gaining popularity as a MangaStream alternative. This is a great website to fulfill your manga desires, despite having a very limited list of manga it has become very popular because whatever manga it provides is of high quality and has great content in the manga. The collection of the mangas on the website is updated frequently so that users can read the latest mangas. The unvarnished interface of the website makes it easier for a user to use. This site is for the most part free but some features are only accessible when someone pays for those. Like if you pay for the subscription to the website, you will get no annoying advertisements so that you get a better experience while reading your manga.


The name of the website is itself very catchy. Anyways, MangaReborn is yet another enjoyable website. The popularity of this site is because of the simplicity in its interface but the simplicity does not compromise the quality of the manga collection of the website. The website can surely fulfill your desire of reading mangas. There is a news section on the website that keeps people updated about the latest mangas released and the buzzes in the manga world such as which part of a manga is releasing soon and stories about the creators of the manga. The site can be accessed through any platform, free to use without any annoying ads which will make your manga reading experience memorable.


Another alternative for free mangastream is this website named “MangaKakalot”. This is the website for people commonly searching for a simple interface and easy to use that is friendly for the user or user-friendly. The collection of mangas or in other words the collection of comics on this website is satisfactory. There is a search bar that gives you the feature of searching the manga you are looking for to read without much scrolling. The interface of the website is very handy and so simple to use that even children do not face problems in using the website. With no advertisements popping up on your screen you can enjoy your favorite manga to the fullest. This website is accessible or available on all platforms. 


This is another alternative with the interface of the website being simple and interesting the website has gained popularity in recent years. It can also be considered as one of the best alternatives to MangaStream for streaming manga free of cost. With the collection of the website consisting of the most celebrated mangas of all time, the site has a very promising collection for manga readers. This collection is more than enough to satisfy the hunger of manga addicts. The site also has some additional features with it allowing the user to change the theme from light to dark or dark to light, you can turn off the adult content which makes the site more suitable for kids to use.


This website named “Mangago” is considered the best alternative to MangaStream among all the other websites mentioned in the list. In the beta version, it offers great features. The giant database of the website allows it to have a great collection of manga including some of the most loved mangas such as One Piece, Astro Boy, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and many more. The site will never let anyone down as it got content for people of all age groups in different sections. With a user-friendly interface, this site has gained many people to look at them for reading mangas. There is a query section where you can ask questions and it will be replied to by the official.


Hopefully, this article has helped you to know about MangaStream alternative to read and enjoy the comics. The article contains ten different alternative sites which are considered the best by manga readers. hope so you know about the sites like Mangastream and enjoy the article.

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