OnePlus To Leave Android OS Soon!

OnePlus Leave Android Operating System

OnePlus smartphones are shipped outside of China with Android as the operating system. Whether it will stay that way in the future is now being questioned after a contribution by OnePlus CEO Pete Lau. You may be preparing to switch to Huawei’s HarmonyOS in the background.

OnePlus with HarmonyOS instead of Android?

As head of OnePlus, Pete Lau is causing speculation as to whether cell phones will also be equipped with Google’s operating system in the future. Lau shared and as a post on the Chinese network Weibo about Huawei’s event on June 2nd to present HarmonyOS 2.0.

The speculations are not entirely out of thin air, because at least in China, HydrogenOS has already partially separated. This is the Chinese version of OxygenOS, which OnePlus uses as an Android version. Instead, they are now relying on ColorOS from Oppo in their home market. Like OnePlus and Vivo, Oppo belongs to the parent company BBK Electronics.

Further indications of a possible departure from Android at OnePlus are not yet available, but that could change in June when HarmonyOS is officially presented. Huawei has already announced that its own operating system will also be made available to other manufacturers. The fear of possible US sanctions could also lead other manufacturers to opt for the Chinese alternative.

HarmonyOS: the better Android?

It remains to be seen whether Huawei’s in-house developments are strong enough to convince other Chinese manufacturers as well. However, initial insights have already shown that HarmonyOS is a serious competitor. Apps should not only start faster here than with Android but also requires fewer resources on the mobile phone.

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