PlayStation 5 Dual Sense Controller Can Now Be Used To Feel The Music

PlayStation 5 Dual Sense Controller

You will be able to use the haptic feedback of the Dual sense to enjoy your Spotify songs in another way

The new PlayStation 5 controller, the Dual sense, is possibly the greatest advance we have seen in this generational leap, a device that allows us to feel the games in a much deeper way thanks to that haptic response that is being exploited more in some games than in others.

And if you did not know, you can also take advantage of this haptic feedback from the Dualsense when listening to your Spotify music on the computer, although for this you must first make a configuration that we will explain below.

As you well know, the haptic feedback of the Dualsense allows us to simulate the sensation in different gaming environments, but we can also take advantage of this technology to listen to music on Spotify.

If you get it right, the haptic engines built into the Dualsense will do their best to play that Spotify music on Windows 10.

Thanks to the verge, we already know the steps to take:

  • Connect the dual sense to the computer via a USB Type-C cable
  • Wait for Windows 10 to automatically install the corresponding driver
  • As soon as it is installed, tap on the speaker icon located in the lower right corner of the Windows 10 interface
  • After that, set speakers (wireless controller) as audio output.
  • Now go to the Windows 10 control panel and go to the sound section
  • Find the current audio output and select the “properties” button
  • A section of “improvements” should appear, and you will have to check the box next to the speaker option and then press “apply”.

Now restart the Spotify app in Windows 10 for haptic playback to start.

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