WordPress and PHP- Which is better to use in Web Development

WordPress vs PHP

At first, known as ‘Blogger’s site’, Word press has come far since its inception. Straightforward, appealing, liked and now a prominent open source web improvement organize. Scripting language which is PHP is essentially used for web development.PHP language is mostly used to develop dynamic website pages. Initially named, Personal Home Page, PHP is used in more than 240 million websites worldwide, in spite of the fact that it is perceived with mixed feedback from users and experts. 

Presently, in the event that you are building your website, the primary question that should come crosswise over to you is-on what stage should you make your website? Building a website on a content management system can often be more cost-efficient and enables you to make updates to the website yourself – rapidly and easily – without getting back to your web programmer back. However, that does not mean that you ought not to consider building the website from scratch. There is a horde of elements that ought to be influencing your decision on this. Try not to dwell on hear-say, pursue the rundown below to get a clear understanding of these stages.


Why we use PHP for Web Development 


  • PHP is Open-source Language and Economical 

Developers and IT managers can easily access PHP as it is an open-source language. You don’t have to pay a hefty, add up to purchase a license to use the PHP. It additionally has a large network of PHP developers, which continues to increase as time passes. Hundreds of ready-made PHP arrangements have facilitated the creation of astounding websites and applications. The Ease of use and hassle-free accessibility fundamentally reduce the threshold of entry into the PHP coding. here you can get a full overview of Advantage and disadvantage of PHP programming language in web development.  

  • PHP development consumes time 

Continuously keep as a main priority that PHP is an incompletely object-oriented language. Thus, it becomes possible for PHP developers to easily reuse the code. It saves effort and time during the web development process. There are several PHP frameworks. 

Each of them has its own usefulness and is designed for specific undertakings. You should realize that PHP was initially optimized for creating web applications rapidly. It has worked in capacities, for example, utilizing GET and POST requests, which works easily with HTML and URLs. Thus, the time required for the development of business is reduced up to a great extent and investment begins to satisfy more rapidly.

PHP uses its own memory, so the outstanding task at hand of the server and stacking time gets reduced naturally, which results in faster processing speed. This subsequently reduces the development time of web applications.

  • Flexibility and excellent compatibility 

PHP is highly flexible and versatile. It is compatible with all major web platforms, supports leading servers, and has 20 databases. So, designers and developers use PHP to create cross-platform applications. It lets in enterprise organizations to maximize current infrastructure with the lowest feasible cost and increase the profit margins by way of leaps and boundaries. Generally, it is encouraged to use PHP along with HTML.

It is because PHP efficaciously integrates with JavaScript, WML, XML and other programming languages. You don’t face any hassle with the browser as all scripts are compiled on the server-side. All net initiatives are a subject to be counted of exchange in the end. Due to the dynamic nature of PHP, you can effortlessly enforce modifications for your internet site without going through any problem.

  • Great scalability 

IT agencies worried in custom PHP improvement must run distinct software modules one by one and make the vital modifications as required by way of the clients. PHP enables you to broaden and preserve up scalable IT initiatives and generate numerous pages with nearly all settings. The PHP code is obvious and properly documented. Along those strains, it turns into easier with the intention to figure out what is occurring and accurately implement iterative development with a negligible chance of putting off in case you need to exchange a PHP programmer or maybe a whole crew.

  • Free Support and Update

Because of proper readability, changing and altering PHP code is easier. Thus, fewer troubles with assist and updates arise each occasionally. PHP initiatives hastily regulate to new programs that appear on the market and new business necessities. Due to the dedication of the open community, the new usefulness that meets the rising needs of the business seems often and does now not value anything. It gets better on the off chance that you are a PHP wizard, you’ll have much more freedom and flexibility than the average user as WordPress is essentially coded in PHP. For the layman, WordPress is presumably where you would need to construct your website.

  • PHP is open for broad Hostings plans

PHP is exceptionally mainstream among hosting providers. All reliable hosting services organization support PHP and provides hosting services for sites on it. They provide PHP support at no extra charge or minimal effort plans with an unlimited volume and a free space name. 

  • Outcome

Thus, presently unmistakably the principle business advantages of PHP are its economy, versatility, straightforwardness, similarity, and convenience. In mix with other technologies, PHP is profoundly suitable for A wide range of IT projects-from simple websites to CRM arrangements and large entries.


Now we are going to know about how WordPress is more comfortable than PHP


  • Monetary Fund

The most essential question-what measure of money are you intending to spend on web development? The general conception people have is that WordPress being a content management system, is cheaper to assemble your website on. There is a misrepresentation here. Of course, you should spend less time on development, which means depending on what number of modules it needs, you may really end up paying less than structure a website. However, despite the fact that the core installation is free, you may end up paying for premium themes and modules. Therefore, on the basis of your project budget, determine whether The Word press site is viable and suitable to your budget, or a PHP site. Here you can get a full overview of WordPress Pros and Cons

  • Pace

Word press provides efficiency more than that of speed, so it provides you more suitable situation in your business than that of the other ones.

  • Website Type

Would you like to create a personal blog or a massive news site? Or on the other hand, maybe you simply need a single instructive page. Most industry experts believe that for excessively simple and too complex websites, you ought to consider a PHP site, rather than going for WordPress. Then again, on the off chance that you need a website with ever-changing content ( online journals, user-driven stages) or to continually adjust appearance and format, then WordPress is the best choice for you.

  • For the amateur programmer

As a webmaster, your programming abilities are the best devices for this activity. In case writing computer programs isn’t really what you gloat of, WordPress is a well-suited choice to make. 

  • Security 

Another legend that does the rounds is that WordPress isn’t as hack-secure as a PHP website. This again is a legend. It massively depends on your developer. On the off chance that your developer fabricates a terrible custom PHP site, then it tends to be easily hacked. Then again, ignore a few precautions and your WordPress site can get hacked as well. 

  • SEO friendly

Let’s get it straight, no framework or CMS is ‘more SEO friendly’! It is absolutely dependent upon the developer to make sure you have proper h1, h2, etc labels, meta labels, alt labels, unique content, etc. It is only easier to set-up on WordPress. WordPress has parts and loads of modules that make your activity route easier, than doing it on PHP websites.

  • Ease of access 

WordPress websites definitely have an upper hand here. While PHP simply has few lines of codes consequently ensuring authority over your websites and easy editing, WordPress goes a step further as it requires zero HTML coding. Including pages, blog entries, items, images and editing current content is simpler on WordPress as long as you have an internet connection.

As we all realize that Word Press is a prevalent CMS. Word press provides us different facilities, regular updates, bundles of themes free of cost and modules and built-in(Default) SEO features, etc. These days, numerous leading companies use Word Press to keep up a strong online presence on the web with low investment. 

website owners use word press everywhere  

Be that as it may, hang tight for some time. WordPress has certain limitations also. Despite tall cases made by numerous WordPress Developers, WordPress websites are easier to hack even today. Experienced hackers cut your website using sophisticated technologies. Hence it destroys your web-based business. You may likewise face problems while attempting to expand your website and adding new features to it. It isn’t recommended for business associations that have long haul business designs in different countries. WordPress is suitable for little and medium-scale business associations as it were.

  • Other intrinsic factors

Upgradations-Wordpress requires frequent upgradations so as to keep in the know regarding the current browsers and devices and ahead of infection assaults. However, sometimes the modules aren’t as snappy to adjust to the WordPress updates, which can leave you with modules that don’t operate the manner in which they ought to or at all when you update your website. Even PHP keeps changing to fix old bugs, however, new bugs develop and you need to sit tight for the next PHP upgrade to fix them, which can be really aggravating. 

Development- In case you need to change your theme customizations on WordPress, it is really expensive. With respect to PHP sites, in the event that you are developing your website for huge and complex projects, the coder will charge you a hefty aggregate for that. 

All business companies are equanimous for future development and expansion. It’s clear from this observation that WordPress is your true buddy on the off chance that you have to run little and medium scale business entrances. For larger business web resources, PHP consistently proves to be helpful. In this way, determine your needs in advance and use WordPress or PHP appropriately.


In the end, it really depends on the above variables with respect to which is more ideal for your website, WordPress or PHP. Both have several advantages and disadvantages. A PHP site bolsters all web browsers and servers whereas WordPress operates on a universal, open-source, making your change to other developers easier. WordPress is a powerful content management system and is significantly simpler, however, that does not mean that it is the perfect instrument for your website development. Depending on the above elements, fabricating a PHP website without any preparation probably won’t be a terrible choice either.


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