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Top 13 Best Video Player for Windows 10

Best Video Player for Windows 10

You might be in search of finding the Best Video Player for Windows 10. Enjoying movies alone or with your loved one is a great experience where you find positivity. Most people now slowly moving online for watching movies, videos…etc. Users will set up projectors and bring a home theatre experience with Dolby systems. The feel of watching movies and videos like the same experience while we go for theatres out there.

Now the movies, videos are easily made accessed with the help of downloading software. For example – There were many torrent software and its alternatives available online to make a quick downloading experience. We are experiencing Windows 10 software nowadays and its really giving a user-friendly experience. What the users now in need of user-friendly, bug-free and fast-loading software experience. In order to experience best movies and videos, the need for Best Media Player for Windows 10 is a must.

13 Best Video Player / Media Player for Windows 10 

Everyone love to watch and experience HD quality videos online. Free or premium media players is not a big deal. Whether you are a kid or grown-up, users look for the quality. Consider, you have uploaded a video and shared it through YouTube and people want to download and watch anytime time with the system. With the best media player which supports downloading support will be even much better they think. However, most of the video players available online support single features.

The intension of a very common man will do will check for Best Free Video Player for Windows 10. Other than putting heavy expenses on their software for watching movies, they never look for the premium ones. Here are some of the user rates experienced Top trusted and secured video player which available for free.

1. VLC Media Player – Best Free Media Player for Windows 10

The very common and suggested Best Free Media Player for Windows 10 by the entire world. It’s the logo that is very interesting and people love it with a quick look. The road blocking orange and white triangular thing indicates its VLC media player logo. Users can play streaming videos, files, and runs in all common platforms. See the interesting features what user gets with VLC Media player.

Key Features of VLC Media Player for Windows 10

  • Plays at MPEG-2/4, MKV, WebM, MP3, H.264 and more…
  • No Spyware, No User tracking, and Ads free.
  • Supports in all windows version

2. GOM Media Player – Best Video Player for Windows 10

This one is typically experienced and recommended by all software developers and even the sellers. As it got an ideal experience with users and sounds user-friendly one. GOM Media Player has got a higher user rating as per the recent survey made by its creators. It is a free video player for Windows 10 and can experience multiple files at a time. See some quick interesting features of GOM video players with users experiencing windows.

Key Features of GOM Video Player for Windows

  • It is absolutely Ad-free experience.
  • Ultra-high-definition 4K videos experience.
  • Videos play with sub-title enhanced facility options updated.

3. KMPlayer – Best Free Video Player for Windows 10

This is a better version introduced during the era of CDs and DVDs. Other than the above-mentioned Video Players for Windows 10, KM Player heavily supports all kinds of CDs and DVDs with the best performance. Commonly people look for an mp4 video player for windows 10. Also, Users highly recommend because of slightly cracked DVDs and CD can be played at better. KM Players supports all Windows versions, because of its notable feature.

Key Features of KM Player

  • Supports all media objects and files.
  • Playback support.
  • Built-in codecs of audio and videos.
  • The ads-Free platform on all streaming.

4. Windows Media Player – Best Windows 10 Media player for Watch tv and shows

From our young ages, as we see touch with the computer, we are experiencing this media player. It is first seen on an older windows version. However, this enhanced video player for windows 10 free download is absolutely user friendly. Windows Media player in Windows 10 supports the most advanced features than the previous update. Check the most interesting features which users love to download this video player.

Key Features of Windows Media Player for Windows 10

  • It’s an all in one media player supports all media software.
  • Supports on Desktop, Tablet, Surface and as well as in laptops.
  • No advertisement will interrupt users.
  • Easy to watch videos with zero errors.

5. MPlayer – Best Free video player to Watch Unlimited Tv and Shows Online

Last but the best media player which is easily downloaded in Windows 10. It is listed under the safe video player for windows 10. This provided a trusted and safe experience while watching movies and videos on High quality. Even though, it’s attracting features makes users forced to download the same. Take a look at the best features which put the users to love this media player to have in their window. Most notable features are as follow.

Key Features of MPlayer for Windows 10

  • Easily understandable for kids of any age.
  • No ads and it is easy to use.
  • It is able to easily experience users under 18.

You might be busy with your work in the office, home and with the special meeting. You kids no need to get bored with sitting simply at home in your absence. Got Internet connection? Or with some CDs or DVDs available?

6. 5KPlayer – Best 8k Video Player for Windows 10 Free

5KPlayer is one of the media playback software that is useful not only for watching but managing your complete video library as well. You may utilize Apple’s Airplay to display videos across numerous devices and stream videos directly from YouTube. The player is capable of playing about every video format you can think of, including 360-degree and 8K films. The options for controlling your audio and video playback are also rather flexible. 

One thing to keep in mind with 5KPlayer is that the free version is supported by advertisements. They won’t appear when you’re viewing a video, but they can be distracting when you’re searching your collection or fiddling with settings.

Key Features of 5KPlayer

  • You can stream videos from YouTube
  • Has support for 360-degree videos
  • Can play media of unto 8K resolution

7. PotPlayer – Best Free Media Player for Windows

It comes with support for a large number of codec. It not just 360-degree and 8K videos, but also 3D films. Pot Player will automatically download the necessary codecs if you throw a file format at it that it doesn’t already support. Under the hood, Pot Player includes a free screen recorder and free video editing tools as added benefits. Pot Player is remarkably light software. It loads faster than almost any other video player, free or paid, and consumes very small amounts of resources even while playing enormous movies.

Key Features of PotPlayer

  • It supports 3D video playback
  • Automatically updates codecs if a video format isn’t already supported
  • Comes with a built-in screen recorder

8. Kodi for Windows 10 – Best free Media player for Windows 10 Users

Kodi is basically a content streaming platform, but you can use it on Windows 10 for watching your local video files as well. It can play practically all popular media formats and it also has distinct categories for music and videos. It enables you to arrange your media files, quickly and simply. Add-ons are where Kodi’s true potential resides. You may extend the application’s functionality by using add-ons.

Key Features of Kodi for Windows 10

  • A free-to-use and open-source application
  • Can also be used to stream content online
  • Supports almost all of the media file extensions

9. DivX – Free Video Player with Windows 10 support

DivX has a basic interface but features a lot of functionality. It allows you to stream films to devices that are DLNA-compatible, as well as employ multiple subtitle tracks. The free edition sadly includes advertisements. To obtain an ad-free experience as well as some additional features, you’ll need to purchase the $20 premium version. 

In the Pro version, you get an editor to cut video borders and apply custom logo overlays, the ability to import movies from Google Drive and Dropbox. It also acts as a video file format converter, audio enhancer, and has support for HEVC 10-bit video and AC3 audio playback.

Key Features of Divx

  • Has support for almost all popular media formats
  • Can play HVEC 10-bit videos and AC3 audios

10. Films and TV – Best Media player for Windows to watch online free movies and shows

The default media player for Windows 10 is the Movies and TV app. It doesn’t receive enough recognition as is have not as many features as some of the other players on our list. Even after that, it will suffice for an ordinary PC user. There’s no need to switch to another app if the videos you regularly watch play perfectly on Films and TV. Many people often overlook the interface and overall great experience when watching movies and television in the app itself.

Key Features of Films and TV

  • Is a built-in application
  • Good and simple interface

11. ACG Player – Free Media Player for Windows 10 Devices

It is surprisingly light software and is shockingly underrated. It has an awesomely simple interface. Even though it was basically designed for Windows 10 tablets, there are media playback shortcuts for the keyboard as well. Multiple window mode, playlist management, online stream playback, and the ability to alter subtitle looks and animations are among the advanced features. You may alternatively use Ax-Lite Video Player, which is a stripped-down version with fewer capabilities. It does come with in-app ads, but at least they are not intrusive.

Key Features of ACG Player for Windows 10

  • Has support for almost all media formats
  • Lightweight and simplistic interface
  • Can play media from external devices 

12. MPV Player – Best Video player for Windows 10 Support Devices

MPV is a cross-platform, open-source media player. It doesn’t have a standard user interface, but it’s a good video player with a few controls at the bottom. The majority of the shortcuts are handled by mouse movements. If you want to do anything other than watch movies, an MPV is obviously more difficult to operate. It’s typically more efficient and is less resource-demanding.

Key Features of MPV Player for Windows

  • Has a minimal and basic user interface
  • Has excellent video quality and is consistent when scaled as well
  • Is lightweight and has an efficient video playback

13. Real Player – Best Free Video Players Suits for Windows 10 Devices

Real Player has been around since the late 1990s, making it one of the most experienced and established video players available. It can play a huge variety of video formats, but one of the most intriguing features is that it can also download videos from websites such as YouTube. You may also safeguard your videos with a pin code if you live with others and don’t want anyone to see them. It’s a unique feature that adds to the appeal of Real Player.

Key Features of Real Player

  • Has support for downloading videos from YouTube
  • Supports a number of media formats
  • Media can be locked with a pin for security

User Rating on Media Players available on the Internet

Technology is updating day by day and users and adapting to it. For experiencing better reliable and versatile software. Videos players are one among the same and if you have a laptop or desktop with you, you never rate below 5. Video players are really making the way not to experience videos. It possesses video trimming and other visual effects can be generated with this software. 

The best editing of video software always makes better audience attention. Whether it free or premium is secondary and it’s up to users. Even the single hated review to be checked but make sure how the review updated. Check and download what’s available and that is using and rated so lovely. Windows 10 videos players will really bring to the world mesmerizes your eyes.

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Looks like you are now experienced with many familiar and Best Video Player for Windows 10. We will update more interesting software and windows updates here, keep updated with us. Stay alert for the upcoming software release and the event of Windows technologies here. Share your reviews on this media player or even its alternatives you already familiar with. 

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